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Pokémon GO: A Post Brexit Augmented Reality.

Pokémon – what springs to mind? Limited edition cards, innocent exchanges in the playground to complete the eagerly awaited set, action-packed cartoons running on a Saturday morning whilst parents slumber a little longer. Not anymore.


The latest craze to ‘catch ‘em all’ (our nation – adults and teens included) is Pokémon GO, our teens (and their adult counterparts) can be seen prowling along river banks, parks and streets, heads down in an augmented reality world to pocket the famous Pikachu. The revolution has seen a generation of people caught by the Pokémon language, exchanging conversations – no longer by text speak – but on the importance of catching a Jigglypuff, throwing Pokéballs at the best Pokéstop in town. Maybe in this era of uncertainty our younger generation has the right idea.

However, as with every modern app there are pitfalls: children wandering into secluded areas for Calamander’s fiery tail, some even walking into roads, off cliffs (although surely we have to question their own common sense here – can we really blame the app creators? Maybe we need to bring back – Stop, Look, Listen), there have even been reports of a woman stumbling across a dead body on her own search for a Pokéstop – you make your own mind up on that one!

On the plus side though, our teens are outside, they may be getting their daily quota of vitamin D, the pounds may begin to drop off our statistically overweight nation, previously damaged by the fast food revolution, they are exploring their surroundings physically, learning about maps and landscapes and finally our children seem happy, even if it is after catching their fiftieth Pidgey (a common and undervalued Pokémon, my twenty-two year old son knowledgably informs me).

View the Pokemon Go Parents Guide or download the app and jump on the bandwagon!


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Last updated: 13 September 2016

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