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What is is an online social network, available for phones and tablets, which will let users share 15 second video using popular chart songs as background audio. Users (or Musers as they are known) can lip synch, dance or create short funny skits which are then shared with their followers or, depending on privacy settings, other users of the site.

You can comment on other user’s videos, and they can comment on yours. You can show your appreciation by giving ‘Hearts’ - similar to ‘Liking’ on Facebook and Instagram. You can also use #Hashtags when you post a video to join in with challenges or to share a ‘Musical’ around a theme. also comes with a Direct Messaging service, allow users to communicate privately with their ‘Followers’. There is also a live streaming service called

Do age restrictions apply?

As collects and shares personal information, the same rules apply when it comes to age - you need to be over 13 to create an account - although the terms and conditions do state that by creating an account you confirm that you are over the age of 18! allows users to report under age users which enables them to delete the account of under 13’s. The same age requirement applies to as well.

Are there any privacy settings/controls?

As allows users to share videos, amass followers and chat directly, you are given the ability to create a private account. This will stop users from following you unless you approve and will keep your Musicals within your friend group. By default, your account will be PUBLIC. There are also features in the app which allow you to share your Musicals on other social networks like Facebook and Instagram - privacy settings do not apply, it will depend on how private you have set your other accounts.


To learn more about and to see some tips to use it safely, visit the LSCB campaign page by clicking here

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