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Council Services:


  • Bereavement

    The death of a child is tragic and we don’t usually expect a child to die before their parents.

  • Child Abuse

    Child abuse is any action by another person, adult or child, that causes significant harm.

  • Consent

    As a parent it can feel awkward talking to your child about sexual consent.

  • Domestic Abuse

    Children witness violence and abuse in the home in a number of different ways.

  • Early Help and Team Around the Child

    Providing early help is more effective in promoting the welfare of children than reacting.

  • e-Safety

    Keeping your children safe online can be as simple as setting rules or just having a chat

  • Healthy Relationships

    If you’re worried about your childs relationship there are some signs you can look out for.

  • Safer Parenting

    How to support parents and carers to raise their child safely in and outside the home.

  • Self Harm

    Normally a sign that the person doing it is coping with very difficult feeling.

  • Sexual Exploitation

    Sexual Exploitation is a child protection issue and a complex crime.

  • Suicide

    If a young person gets the help they need, the risk of suicide can be greatly reduced.

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