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PREVENT is a key strand of the Government’s counter-terrorism strategy, CONTEST.

Its main objective is to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting violent extremism. It’s essential to know that PREVENT operates in the NON-CRIMINAL space. This means individuals who are referred to Prevent, are supported to move away from terrorism, rather than being criminalised. This multi-agency process is called ‘Channel’.

PREVENT is a multi-agency strategy and not solely a Police initiative. It is important everyone works together to disrupt those who promote violent extremism and identify people who are vulnerable to being recruited by terrorists, so the police and other agencies can offer them support.

Tackling radicalisation relies, to a certain extent, on the vast majority of people who reject violent extremism and are determined to challenge it.

In Lincolnshire, the aim is to empower all communities and to stand up to the small minority who support violent extremism.

Prevent is not about spying on people or stigmatising and criminalising individuals and communities. It is about working with communities to identify individuals who may be susceptible to being drawn toward a path of violent extremism. Our aim is to provide support to such individuals to divert them away from violent extremism before they commit any criminal acts.

For further information about the PREVENT strategy, workshops and how to get involved please visit the Lincolnshire Police website.

For further information on partnership working around Prevent, please contact:

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Last updated: 28 June 2017

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