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Help with alcohol

Cutting down on your drinking

What may seem like just a drink or two most evenings can do a lot of harm to your body, inside and out. The more you drink, and the more often, the greater the risk to your health.

The good news is that you can reduce the risk to your health by cutting down the amount of alcohol you drink.

Find out more about cutting down your alcohol intake by following this link.


Around 17,160 people in Lincolnshire are dependent on alcohol, and increasing numbers of people in the UK are being hospitalised and dying as a result of liver disease associated with alcohol.

Treatment and support

The county council commissions drug and alcohol treatment and support services for young people, adults and their families.
If you are aged 18 or over, Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation NHS Trust (LPFT) and Addaction provide confidential and non-judgemental treatment and support for people experiencing problems with drugs or alcohol use.

If you are under 18, find more information by following this link.

Follow this link for information on support for families and carers of people with substance misuse problems.


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Last updated: 7 May 2014

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