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Lincolnshire County Council begins legal process against overnight parkers at Huttoft Car Terrace

The county council has begun the process with a view to issuing summons against people parking overnight at Huttoft Car Terrace, situated between Mablethorpe and Skegness.

Over the last four years the council has received many complaints from local residents and businesses about people with motorhomes living on the site.

Height barriers were installed to prevent large motorhomes from using it, but these have been cut down on several occasions, costing the local taxpayer more than £35,000.

About six months ago the council applied to the Secretary of State to introduce bylaws to stop the campers staying overnight, which have been granted.

Over the last few months the authority has been working with the police to enforce the bylaws. They have been doing regular patrols and issuing warning letters to anyone breaching them.

Now, the authority has begun the legal process with a view to taking action against 40 people who have been caught by the police.

The council is committed to seeing this legal action through to the end.

Cllr Steve Palmer

Cllr Colin Davie



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