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Make sure your Mum doesn't get faulty flowers this Mother's Day

15 March 2017

Tips on what to do if your blooms aren’t blooming

If you’re planning on saying it with flowers this Mother’s Day, Sunday 26 March, Lincolnshire Trading Standards has tips on what to do if your blooms aren’t blooming, arrive late, or just don’t look like what you ordered.

Angela Kane, senior trading standards officer at Lincolnshire County Council says: “Everyone wants to treat their Mum to the perfect bouquet on Mother’s Day. Sadly things don’t always go to plan, and if your dahlias are droopy, your carnations are curling, or you’re let down by a disappointing delivery, we have some tips to help consumers.”

Blooming mothers day flowers

Blooming mothers day flowers

A poor show - what to do if your flowers have wilted
If your Mother’s Day flowers are wilting or nearly dead when they arrive, they are not of satisfactory quality and you may, under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 be entitled to a full refund. Contact the trader straight away and explain that the flowers were in a poor condition when they arrived. If the retailer refuses to take responsibility, take a photograph of the flowers and send it to the trader as proof that the flowers were not of satisfactory quality.

A late arrival - what to do if your flowers do not arrive on Mother’s Day
If you want to ensure your flowers arrive on Mother’s Day, you must specify and agree the delivery date in your original contract. Otherwise you will not necessarily have an automatic right to a refund if your flowers aren’t delivered on Mother’s Day. If you didn’t agree an actual delivery date, the trader has a maximum of 30 days from when your order is placed in which to deliver your flowers. If the contract you entered into gave an estimated delivery date, the flowers were not guaranteed to arrive by a certain time, so a trader could successfully argue that it’s reasonable for the flowers to arrive a few days after the estimated delivery date.

That’s not what I ordered - what to do if your flowers don’t look like the original photo
Under The Consumer Rights Act 2015, the goods you purchase should be `as described’. If your flowers aren’t the colour or variety you ordered, or they aren’t the same as the photo in the advertisement , you can reject them and obtain a refund. Just be careful that the advertisement and/or the terms and conditions of your contract didn’t state that the type and colour of flowers may vary.

Missing blooms - what to do if you don’t receive the correct amount of flowers
If you order a specific number of flowers, such as 12 red roses , but just six flowers arrive, you’re entitled to a partial refund for the missing flowers.

If you have received faulty flowers as a Mother’s Day gift, you may need to ask your relative or friend who bought them to return the flowers to the shop or ask them for the receipt because the contract is between the purchaser and the retailer.

If you have a complaint against a company and need further information on understanding your rights, please contact the Citizen’s Advice consumer helpline on 03454 04 05 06 or visit their website For more consumer advice, visit ,follow us on Twitter @lincsts or find us on Facebook under Lincolnshire Trading Standards.


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Last updated: 27 March 2017

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