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Peppermint Junction update: Kerbing and preliminary surfacing complete

5 October 2017

With five months of construction works left, surfacing works and other improvements are set to continue forward towards replacing the current T-junction at the A17/ A151 and fully reopening for use during early 2018.

New surfacing and street lights

New surfacing and street lights

What we achieved in September

A17/A151 Junction

  • Switched traffic to south of the new A17 / A151 roundabout to allow works to be completed on the northside of the A17
  • Installed new kerbing and new footpath on A17 North
  • Levelled out carriageway in preparation for surfacing works
  • Continued culvert construction across Welbourne Lane and installed a new culvert through old A17

A151 Roundabout

  • Completed all kerbing works and BT ducting
  • Continued installation of streetlighting columns, including cabling and ducting
  • Continued surfacing work at new roundabout and its footpaths ahead of final surfacing being laid
  • Installed of asphalt, road markings and road studs from Spalding Road roundabout and the A17 roundabout

What’s happening in October

A17/A151 Junction

  • Construct second half of culvert across A17
  • Construct new footways
  • Installation of new streetlighting columns
  • Maintenance of existing drainage system
  • Resurfacing to north-side roundabout carriageway

A151 Roundabout

  • Complete ducting and verge works works
  • Install tactile paving at crossings and continue footway construction
  • Continue works to complete drainage ditch

Current traffic restrictions and closures

  • Narrowed lane widths & reduced speed limits to 30mph on A17 and A151 for duration of the scheme
  • A right-turn ban on the A17 into the A151 until the end of the project
  • Access between Northon’s Lane / A151 closed permanently

Upcoming traffic restrictions and closures

  • Temporary 4-way traffic signals on Boston Rd roundabout from Monday 30th October for two nights (7pm to 6am) while the A17 is being resurfaced east of Boston Rd roundabout
  • Further overnight closures on the A17 and A151 between 7pm to 6am from Wednesday 1st Nov to Wednesday 22nd Nov, subject to weather conditions

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Last updated: 13 October 2017

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