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Town Hall consultation opens for Bourne residents

A consultation has launched asking people who live in Bourne how they think the historic Town Hall building could be used in future.

Bourne Town Hall

Town Hall consultation opens for Bourne residents

Lincolnshire County Council is the sole trustee of the Town Hall charity, and must act in its best interests. An ancient deed dating back to 1821 gifted the building to the council and governed its usage for the benefit of the people of Bourne. Although the building has been used for many different purposes over the years, it currently sits empty.

The Management Committee appointed by the council, now want to hear the view of residents as to how they would believe the building could be used in the future. Six options have been set out by independent experts in charity law which are the only options that would be legally allowable under the original deed of gift.

The options are:

  1. Retain the building and use it for charitable purposes as set out in the original deed
  2. Retain the building and amend the original charitable purposes
  3. Appoint a new trustee to take on the building
  4. Create a new charity to take on the building
  5. Transfer the building to another charity
  6. Sell the building

As part of the consultation, events are being held in Bourne for people to find out more about the options, and there will also be two opportunities to see inside the Town Hall itself.

Drop -in events will be held at:

  • Bourne Youth Centre on 13 October from 1.30pm until 4pm
  • The Centre @ Elsea Park on 19 October from 1pm until 4pm
  • The Cenre @ Elsea Park on 28 October from 9.30am until 12 noon
  • Lawrence Park Community Centre on 3 November from 6.30pm until 9pm
  • Bourne Corn Exchange on 11 November from 6pm until 8pm
  • Bourne Town Hall will also be open during the 13 October and 11 November events for people to look around.

Cllr David Brailsford, Chairman of the Bourne Town Hall Management Committee, said:

“When the consultation is complete, the Management Committee will make a recommendation to Full Council. We are asking residents for their opinions, so we can really be reflecting what will benefit the people of Bourne and what is in the best interests of the building.

“I’d really urge people to come along to the events we are holding, consider the options, and fill in the consultation survey to make their views known.”


The consultation runs from 1 October until 26 November 2015. The Town Hall is a Grade II listed building in a conservation area and any future use would be subject to the necessary planning guidance. All final decisions relating to the future of Bourne Town Hall will be subject to the scrutiny and consent of the Charity Commission.

Take part in the consultation online here.


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