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Update on severe weather on Lincolnshire's East Coast

The risk of the sea over-topping the defences on the East Coast has now passed.

The council and emergency services are grateful to the communities in this area who co-operated with us during the past few days while there have been significant risks due to the severe weather.

People staying at rest centres have safely returned home and the centres are now closed.

The A52 is still closed at Trusthorpe, although it is hoped that it will re-open later on Saturday 14 January. The diversion route can be viewed here.

Follow us on twitter @lincolnshireCC for road closure updates.

At this time of year we can experience severe weather events. Tune in to local radio if the weather worsens and find useful advice on preparing for emergencies at

Neil Rhodes, chief constable of Lincolnshire Police and chair of the Lincolnshire Resilience forum, said:

“The Lincolnshire Resilience Forum has tonight (13 January, 10 pm) taken the decision to close the 24-hour emergency control centre.  We have today seen the tidal surge, caused by a combination of high spring tides and strong winds, pass from Gibraltar Point, past Donna Nook and Boston without any flooding.

“The potential overtopping or breaching of these sea defences was the reason for the emergency services, local authorities, health organisations, volunteers and other partners coming together to protect the coastal communities.

“Planning for coastal flooding isn’t an exact science, but we have a duty to warn and inform the public and protect them where necessary.  When we receive a forecast which causes concern, we have a duty to start planning how best to respond in an appropriate, proportionate and timely manner. 

“In this case this meant giving residents up to date and accurate information, checking our sea defences were not damaged, opening a rest centre for those that needed it and ensuring our most vulnerable residents were looked after. 

“I would like to thank the public for listening, remaining vigilant and supporting others in the local community. 

“It was massively reassuring to have support from the military and I would like to thank the Minister of State for the Armed Forces, along with our local MPs Matt Warman and Victoria Atkins, for making this possible.

“Although we were fortunate and thankfully didn’t experience any flooding our preparations were correct – this could have been far more serious.  Lincolnshire should be extremely proud of the efforts of all involved.”

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Last updated: 17 January 2017

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