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What to do about fallen trees on your property after a storm

12 September 2017

Information on what to do if you have a fallen tree in your property boundary

After severe weather, we often receive reports of trees that have fallen across paths and roads. Where main highways are blocked, the County Council makes efforts to clear roads. There will however be many places where trees are only blocking paths or a small part of a highway.

Once the storm has passed, owners of trees that have fallen across paths or minor roads are asked to make arrangements to have the debris removed safely.

Details of tree contractors and consultants operating throughout the UK are available from the Arboricultural Association, as well as a number of local contractors.

Do not be tempted to use a chainsaw to fell or cut up damaged trees unless you are experienced and have the appropriate protective clothing. Every year, around 500 people are seriously injured using chainsaws in their gardens. Even cutting up fallen branches with a chainsaw is hazardous and members of the public are advised to use qualified tree surgeons in all cases.

Before employing a tree surgeon, you should check that they are insured for both public and employee liability insurance.

Do not attempt to work on a busy road where there is moving traffic unless you have the correct training and equipment to create a safe work area.

Tree owners should be aware the County Council may recharge the public if we do any work to trees from their land that has fallen on to the highway land or is deemed a danger and they have failed to take action. The Local Authority will not deal with trees that have fallen on private land off a highway.

To report a tree in the road, please call 101. For fallen cables or damaged power lines, please call 105 and do not touch.

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Last updated: 29 November 2017

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