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Council Services:

The Vision for Children with Disabilities

Lincolnshire County Council’s Children with Disabilities service has nine principles that make up our vision

Early Intervention and Prevention

1. Children and young people with a disability are always children and young people first
2. Families should receive services at the earliest opportunity, so as to promote the healthy development of the child or young person and to ensure that families are appropriately supported. Services should be inclusive, flexible, convenient and responsive to the individual and promote the achievement of desirable lifelong outcomes. Children with disabilities will have access to universal health services.
3. All children and young people with a disability should be given opportunities that enable them to remain in the family home and can access activities and services in their community.
4. That there is a single point of access to services for children with disabilities and their families.
5. Parents/carers are the experts on their children’s needs and are essential partners in decision making processes, including assessments.


6. Research evidence indicates that due to their unique circumstances vulnerable children with a disability may be more vulnerable to abuse. Inclusive safeguarding practice will continue to be promoted and developed.

Aspiration and Well Being

7. All children and young people with a disability can communicate and have the right to be involved in decision making that affects their lives, including assessments and service design, delivery and evaluation.

Learning and Achievement

8. That children and young people with a disability fulfil their potential and can live independently accessing employment and training opportunities and where appropriate have smooth transition to adult services.

Best Use of Resources

9. Improving outcomes for children and young people with a disability is everyone’s business and not just the responsibility of those who work in specialist services.

Lincolnshire County Council’s Children with Disabilities Team are able to offer different services and provision for children and young people with a disability. Listed on this page are services that may be available to those that are eligible after having an assessment. For more information on how to access these services and how to have an assessment please contact the Customer Service Centre on 01522 782111.

Short Breaks Services Statement

Future developments in the Short Break services for children and young people who are disabled and/or sensory impaired and their parent/carers.

Download it here

Short Breaks

Information for families of children with a disability and/or sensory impairment.


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Last updated: 22 February 2016

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