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Council Services:

Becoming an ESCO Non-Designated Key Worker

ESCO supports the good care co-ordination around a child or young person with a disability and their unmet needs and the ESCO Key Worker facilitates this through regular ESCO review meetings and contact with the child or young person and parents /carers. Following a referral to ESCO, the ESCO Key Worker will take on this role initially and will continue to support the child / young person through key working that will enable the child / young person and their families to make informed choices through service delivery that is holistic, co-ordinated and seamless.

At every ESCO review meeting there will be a discussion around who is most suitable to be the Key Worker for the child / young person and this is always child / young person and parent led. The family’s Key Worker is the first point of contact for the family for support and guidance and once the ESCO Key Worker has set up the good care co-ordination, families often request another professional or person involved to take on this role. This tends to be a person that the family have regular contact with and who are involved with the child / young person and they are called the Non-Designated Key Worker.

The Non-Designated Key Worker is the first point of contact for the family for support and advice, but they are not responsible for delivering the whole plan as other professionals will have tasks and carry responsibility for this. The role should not add significantly to the daily duties of professionals, although as a family’s circumstances change, then obviously the amount and frequency of contact that the Non-Designated Key Worker has with the family will also change. The Non-Designated Key Worker is responsible for updating subsequent Family Support Plan and encouraging families to return agreed plans promptly so that they can be distributed by the ESCO administration team. They are also responsible for ensuring the list of involve professionals for the family is kept up to date as ESCO Business Support will send out letters of invites to meetings and distribute the agreed plans according to the list of professionals provided by the Non-Designated Key Worker. Reports received by ESCO Business Support will be forwarded to the Non-Designated Key Worker shortly before the review meeting.

The ESCO Key Worker is on hand to provide back up and support should it be required and will offer direct support and guidance to the Non-Designated Key Worker . For example, the ESCO Key Worker can attend a joint home visit if felt necessary, support at an ESCO review meeting or offer advice or guidance around a specific issue or situation. In addition, the Non-Designated Key Worker will also access on-going support from the ESCO team, providing complete administrative back-up to include preparation and mailing of meeting invites and distribution of Family Support Plans once signed by parents.

Clear guidance in what is expected of a Non-Designated Key Worker is attached. This includes the role, contact numbers and the support expected to receive. The Non-Designated Key Worker will receive a Welcome Pack and also be invited to the ESCO Coffee Mornings that provide opportunities to network with other Non-Designated Key Workers, share information and receive support and guidance.

All professionals should still follow LSCB safeguarding procedures where there are any concerns about the welfare of a child.

What if I have to stop Non-Designated Key Working role?

If a professional has to give up the Non-Designated Key Working role there should be a discussion within the ESCO review meeting. This will allow an allocation of a new Non-Designated Key Worker to be fully explored with the child / young person, parents and the involved professionals. This discussion should be recorded in the Family support Plan and the outgoing Non-Designated Key Worker should contact ESCO Business Support to confirm the new worker’s name and contact details.

What if the child / young person moves house?

Where the child / young person is moving out of Lincolnshire the Non-Designated Key Worker should contact the ESCO area Key Worker to discuss, prior to the move, so that a smooth handover can be implemented with the Early Support scheme in that area.

If the child / young person is moving to another area of Lincolnshire the Non-Designated Key Worker should contact the ESCO area Key Worker to discuss, prior to the move, so that a smooth handover can be implemented with the ESCO Key Worker for that area.

What if the child / young person no longer require ESCO involvement?

If a review meeting identifies that there are no remaining unmet needs or if the young person has reached the age of 18 years then in agreement with parents a decision can be confirmed to close to ESCO involvement. The final Family Support Plan should be completed and once signed by parents, forwarded to ESCO Business Support who will then distribute the plan with closure letters. The ESCO Practice Supervisor will complete a quality audit on all cases for closure.

Short Breaks Services Statement

Future developments in the Short Break services for children and young people who are disabled and/or sensory impaired and their parent/carers.

Download it here

Short Breaks

Information for families of children with a disability and/or sensory impairment.


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Last updated: 8 April 2014

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