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Council Services:

Other Related Support

As well as offering services and provision for children/young people and their families to have a break, we also commission services that benefit children with disabilities in other ways.

Specialist Nurse Trainers

The Specialist Nurse Trainers are nurses with qualifications in children’s nursing that have a range of experience in caring for children with disabilities in the community and hospital settings. They aim to support children with a disability and additional physical health needs in a variety of settings by providing training and support for their carers.

They work with children from birth to the age of 19, but unfortunately they are unable to offer help for children with ADHD, behavioural problems or other non-physical health needs.

The Specialist Nurse Trainers provide training for nursery/school staff, transport staff, and any carer of a child with medical health needs. The service implements ongoing support to carer’s and also provides resources for training that can be used by other professionals.

The following training packages are now completed and available:

  • Antegrade Continence Enema (ACE)
  • Anaphylaxis, Epipen and Anapen (this service only provided to social care, school transport and pre-school settings)
  • Administration of buccal Midazolam
  • Epilepsy awareness
  • Febrile convulsions
  • Gastrostomy feeding
  • Intermittent self catheterisation/ intermittent catheterisation by carer
  • Long term ventilation training
  • Nasogastric feeding
  • Nasopharyngeal suction
  • Oral suction
  • Oxygen dependency
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Administration of rectal Diazepam
  • Administration of rectal Paraldehyde
  • Catheterisation via Mitrofanoff
  • Tracheostomy care

The service operates all year round, Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. Training/visits can be arranged outside of these hours with prior arrangement. They aim to be as flexible as possible as is required to meet the training needs of individuals. Some children are already well supported in the community, but our posts provide an opportunity to compliment this provision.

Referral for this service can be made, by anyone, directly to the Specialist Nurse Trainers team on 01522 521186 or



Relate has been working in the county for over 40 years and understand that as rewarding as caring for a disabled child can be, it can put your family relationships under extra strain.

Couples caring for a disabled child are at greater risk of experiencing problems in their relationship, but we know that having a little extra support can really help to strengthen your family and relationships and help you to enjoy a fulfilling family life.

For more information about their services please visit the Relate website, contact them directly on 0300 100 1234 or email.

Short Breaks Services Statement

Future developments in the Short Break services for children and young people who are disabled and/or sensory impaired and their parent/carers.

Download it here

Short Breaks

Information for families of children with a disability and/or sensory impairment.


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Last updated: 17 February 2017

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