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Council Services:

Attainment and Performance

OfSTED is a non-ministerial government department whose main aim is to help improve the quality and standards of education and childcare through independent inspection and regulation, and provide advice to the Secretary of State. Their principal role is the management of the system of school inspection defined originally by the Education (Schools) Act 1992. This provides for the regular inspection of all 24,000 schools in England, which are wholly or mainly state-funded.

In addition to school inspections they undertake reviews of local education authorities, inspect initial teacher training courses, the private, voluntary and independent nursery sector, independent schools (including independent special schools) and service children’s education and report on LEA-funded youth services. They also report on the impact of government initiatives such as education action zones and the national numeracy and literacy strategies.

In September 2003, OFSTED updated their Framework for inspecting schools.  This changed the criteria for making assessments.  In February 2004, OFSTED announced a change of inspection methodology from September 2004.  This will include a 3-year cycle of inspections.

Each year’s schools performance is published by the DfES and by each individual school in what are commonly called ‘League Tables’.  Full details with contextual information, are available from Ofsted through the PANDA (Performance and Assessment Data).  The information can also be found on the DfES website in the ‘Standards’ section.

In addition there is also data which gives details of the LEA’s performance.  Local Education Authorities are inspected by OFSTED on a 4-year cycle.  The reports can be found on the OFSTED website.  The LEA is required to provide an Action Plan to address the OFSTED plan.  Further details can be obtained from the Director of Education and Cultural Services.

The LEA’s performance in terms of examination results can be found on the DfES website in the ‘LEA Standards’ part.  This will enable the LEA’s performance to be compared with that of other LEAs.

Performance Tables

Performance tables by Local Education Authority and by individual school are shown on the DCSF webpages. A weblink to these tables can be found under the ‘Websites’ tab.

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