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Educational Visits and Outdoor Education

Education Beyond the Classroom – Lincolnshire.

What are Educational Visits and what is Outdoor Education?

An Educational Visit is any excursion that takes children and young people away from their normal place of learning to another location in order to develop or enhance learning.

Outdoor Education is an approach to learning that makes planned, regular and effective use of experiences outside the classroom to excite, motivate and challenge children and young people.

This doesn’t mean more school ‘trips’ as in outdoor education, the school grounds and immediate locality are more frequently and progressively used as resources for learning.

How are these aspects of learning delivered?

All schools and colleges maintained by Lincolnshire County Council are responsible for devising and teaching a curriculum appropriate to the age and stage of development of their students. Schools recognise the value and importance of providing a rich and stimulating curriculum to enable all children and young people to achieve to the best of their ability and plan such experiences into teaching and learning programmes as a normal part of provision.

Lincolnshire County Council fully supports the principle of learning outside the classroom and both the Department for Education and the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) recognise the valuable contribution that such activities make to a young person’s achievement, well being, motivation and general development.

What costs are involved?

All education provided by schools during the ‘normal’ school day is free of charge, whether this takes place on or off site.

Clearly major costs are involved where transport to another location is required and schools would soon be in financial trouble if they bore the entire costs of all visits through their delegated budgets. Thus all visits with cost implications are normally financed through voluntary contributions from parents; a ‘charge’ cannot be levied.

Visits involving overnight stays are more complex as schools can charge for the board and lodging element, but not for transport or tuition during school time.

Additionally, parents in receipt of certain benefits may be exempt from being charged for board and lodging if the event is mainly during school time.

For events deemed as ‘optional extras’ and not part of statutory provision, taking place mainly out of school time, schools may charge for all costs.

Any charges or voluntary contributions must not exceed the total cost of the visit.

Further information

All schools should have policies and procedures in place for managing and financing educational visits and learning outside the classroom so any initial enquiries should be directed to the school.

Who to contact

In the first instance, any enquiry regarding educational visits or learning outdoors should be directed to the school, ideally the class or year tutor who is more likely to have practical knowledge of the event in question.

Matters of policy should be addressed to the head teacher.

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Last updated: 24 January 2017

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