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About SCoRE

SCoRE has been established by Lincolnshire County Council to help all schools become more sustainable. From September 2016, the project will become a more bespoke, tailored service, for which schools will have to pay a small sum.

About SCoRE

The Programme has been developed for upper KS2 and lower KS3, with students taking a proactive role in their schools. We teach pupils the skills to identify immediate cost and carbon footprint savings in their schools. Registered schools have reported energy consumption savings of around 10-15% simply by making a few small behavioural changes.

Taking part

What can we do to future-proof our schools? SCoRE can help your school to reduce its carbon footprint, through technology advice, behaviour change and caretaker training.

We are confident that we can help you to achieve substantial savings in terms of cost, CO2 reductions and much more. At a time when budgets are tight, every pound you save on energy can be re-invested in your school, staff and resources. We have worked with over 60% of the schools in Lincolnshire. But everyone can still take part in the new version of SCoRE- for more information on costs and participation, email

What are the benefits?

  • Reduction in utility bills and carbon footprint. Schools have seen energy savings of 10-15% through no-cost or low-cost measures
  • Access to funding streams. With our support, schools have received over £900,000 of funding for energy efficiency projects
  • Access to your half hourly energy consumption data. You can receive monthly reports on your electricity and gas consumption (where available)
  • Personalised advice and guidance. We can offer you a minimum of three visits from a SCoRE Officer, as well as bespoke caretaker and bursar training
  • Links to the curriculum and opportunity to practically apply STEM subjects. SCoRE can be used to support numeracy, literacy and science or as part of a cross-curricular topic
  • Helps students to develop values and skills. Students describe themselves as more confident, persuasive and responsible
  • Recognition for your students’ hard work. Students receive badges, certificates and school receives certificate and yearly renewable logo
  • Regular newsletters with case studies and energy saving tips
  • Termly campaigns to help your school maintain its savings
  • A wider understanding of the environment and our impacts of it

How it works

Working with a small group of pupils, your SCoRE Officer facilitates a half-day training session in your school. Once completed, your pupils become Lincolnshire Carbon Ambassadors (LCAs) - whose task it is to spot energy saving opportunities and make changes throughout the school. The first challenge is to conduct a building energy audit using the resources provided in the SCoRE pack. Once your LCAs have gained a thorough understanding of how their school currently uses energy, they convert opportunities into actions, considering short term ‘quick wins’ and long term ‘investment’ strategies.

This knowledge will be further enhanced by bespoke caretaker and bursar training, which will help you to make the best of your heating and electrical systems in school.

There are two versions of SCoRE; a student-led or staff-led Programme. It is recommended that schools follow the student-led Programme to achieve the biggest impact. This can be flexible to accommodate your school’s needs.

SCoRE Diagram

Our beliefs and objectives

We strongly believe that student participation is key to accomplishing our shared goals and there is a range of support available for teachers to embed sustainability into the curriculum. Through engaging with staff, pupils, parents and school governors, we adopt a whole school approach with the view to involving everyone in the community.

  • Reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint in schools
  • Empower all members of the school community
  • Provide easy to follow guidance documents and resources
  • Embed long-term behavioural change

Why are we doing this?

To reduce carbon emissions in Lincolnshire and reduce the overall energy spend for the authority. Lincolnshire County Council is a member of the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRCEES), a mandatory scheme which means that the council has to buy carbon allowances for every tonne of carbon dioxide the authority emits as a whole. Schools make up 60% of the council’s emissions, so this offers an opportunity to make the most impact and cost savings.

How long will it take?

Every school will have the chance to take part, and it takes around two terms for a school to complete, with the core of activity taking place during one school term. We have been working in Lincolnshire schools since January 2013. The project will be a paid-for provision from September 2016, costing £200 for a primary or SEND school and £400 for a secondary school. You can register your interest in SCoRE at any time by sending an e-mail to and quoting your name, school address, job title and contact details and we shall contact you about the SCoRE Programme as soon as possible.

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