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Switch Off Challenge

The Lincolnshire Schools Switch Off Challenge (LSSOC) launched again on Thursday 7th July 2016!

Following on from the success of last year’s Switch Off Challenge, Lincolnshire schools were asked to ‘switch on to switching off’ and compare their energy use to a ‘normal’ day.

The LSSOC is a fun and easy way to get the whole school involved in reducing your carbon footprint. The Challenge is to switch off all non-essential electrical items and record how much energy the school saves by taking electricity meter readings and comparing usage to the day before. 11 schools took part this year, saving an average of 43% of their electricity usage on Thursday 7th July compared to Wednesday 6th July 2016.

A huge well done to Welton St Mary’s Primary Academy, who saved a whopping 70% of their energy usage compared to the day before! They did the switch off challenge as part of their SCoRE action week, and made sure that everything was turned off for the day in order to save as much electricity as possible. They win a bespoke session with Inspiring Outdoors, an education consultant specialising in outdoor education and sustainability. Prizes were also awarded the second place school, Fosse Way Academy in Lincoln, and the joint third place schools- St Paul’s Community Primary, Spalding and Caythorpe Primary School- well done to everyone that took part!

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Lincolnshire Schools Switch Off Challenge

To inspire you- Here’s what happened on the day of our first ever Switch Off Challenge in July 2014:

In total, schools saved 1,826 kWh and 958 kgCO2e. This amount of Carbon Dioxide is equivalent to an average car driven for 37.22 hours non-stop, a 13-watt CFL light bulb lit for 8.41 years continuously, or the energy use of an average house being met for 27 days!

The Sustainability Team has been really impressed with all of your efforts in saving energy throughout both switch off challenges, with the majority of schools achieving savings between 20 and 50%.


The second switch off challenge in 2015 was also a massive success!


First place:

A huge well done to St Paul’s Community Primary School in Spalding went above and beyond, going from 128 kWh on Thursday 20th July 2014 to just 19 kWh on Friday 21st. This equates to a massive 85% saving in electricity! Kira Nicholls, Headteacher at St. Paul’s had this to say:

“Switch Off Day was a challenging yet fun day, showing us all just how much we rely on power being readily available to us and how much we take it for granted. It also provided us with the opportunity to think about teaching and learning in different ways and to take part in activities, like creating and maintaining a fire and toasting marshmallows, which some children have not had experience of. Everyone got into the spirit of the day and we even had parents asking to stay in school when they dropped their children off because they wanted to join in! We were amazed that we actually saved 85% of our normal daily consumption - but this showed us that by just cutting down on the amount of lights we leave on, for example, we can all play our part in reducing our carbon footprint. We are all really pleased that we have won and cant wait to work with Kim from Inspiring Outdoors on ways of embedding learning outside the classroom, and improving our sustainability”.


Second Place:

Fosse Way Academy in Lincoln! Fosse Way went from 219 kWh on Thursday 20th July 2015 to 66 kWh on Friday 21st. This is a 70% saving, totalling 153 kWh!


Third place!

Osgodby Primary School near Market Rasen! Osgodby went from 65 kWh on Thursday 20th July 2015 to 24 kWh on Friday 21st. This demonstrates a 63% reduction in electricity usage!




Custom Solar Ltd, Dextra Group Plc, Dynamic Energy Products Ltd, Eco-Schools England, Infinite Lighting Solutions, Inspiring Outdoors, Keep Britain Tidy, Lark Energy, powerPerfector, Procure Direct Ltd, Renewable Horizons Ltd, Sabien Technology Ltd, Scenergy Ltd


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