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Relationships and Growing Up Workshops for Primary Schools*

The RSE Service Relationships and growing up workshops are designed to give pupils the information they need to deal effectively with the emotional and physical changes they will encounter as they develop.


The RSE Service Relationships and growing up workshops are designed to give pupils the information they need to deal effectively with the emotional and physical changes they will encounter as they develop. The programmes can be adapted to meet any particular needs of pupils or classes.

We find that children enjoy the opportunity to speak openly about puberty and reproduction. Pupils report that our sessions are interesting and helpful. We use activities that take the embarrassment out of discussing these sensitive topics and allow children to laugh and have fun whilst learning important life skills.

Below is feedback from staff that regularly book our workshops:

“The workshop covered all of the aspects we have covered in previous years but in much more detail. We liked the emphasis on the children’s questions as the session then catered for their needs” (teacher - Holly Primary, Notts)

“Professional, interactive, enjoyable.” (Assistant Head - Abbey Gates Primary, Notts)

“The perfect blend of information for the children, presented in a manner which allows the children to have a really healthy ethos from which to make their life choices in the future.” (Deputy Head - Church Vale Primary - Notts)

“Invaluable. Really good to have someone else delivering messages in such a clear way.”

Service Description

We work with all ages of children from reception to year 6 in an age appropriate manner. Content of workshops can be adapted to meet your needs and the age/maturity of the pupils. Bespoke sessions can be tailored to individual school/class needs.

Workshops are created and delivered by Catherine Kirk, a nationally recognised, qualified teacher with over 20 years experience of delivering effective PSHE and SRE to children and young people. Catherine has worked as an RSE Adviser for two local authorities and is a national adviser for the National Children’s Bureau and Optimus Education. We also use suitably qualified and trained facilitators to deliver our workshops.

The interactive workshops can include:

  • Healthy relationships
  • Abuse in relationships
  • Consent
  • Puberty changes (recommended from year 4)
  • Reproduction, pregnancy and birth
  • Contraception
  • Sexting

You can choose the topics for your workshop at the booking stage. All workshops are delivered in a way that is inclusive of all children and families. Resources and activities used reflect the diversity of gender and sexual identities.

We recommend a minimum of half a day to explore puberty changes with a year 4, 5 or 6 class. A whole day session could incorporate puberty changes, reproduction and healthy relationships for one year group. Some of our schools book a whole day session with half a day for year 5s on puberty and half a day puberty summary and relationships, reproduction and birth for year 6s. The format of a whole day can be adapted to meet your needs.


We offer a service all year round to schools across the East Midlands. As many primaries traditionally deliver this area of work in the summer term this is our busiest time. Discounts are available for workshops booked during less busy times of the year.

We aim to respond to booking enquiries within 48 hours. We recommend that you book well in advance of the sessions taking place so that parents/carers can be informed and given the right of withdrawing their child from the sessions. We provide a sample letter for you to adapt to send out to parents/carers.


Workshops by The RSE Service can add value to your existing Relationships and Sex Education curriculum. As well as pupils benefitting from the novelty of a different provider staff are able to see how pupils respond and pick up tips to enhance their own delivery. Pupils respond well to the workshops and are able to ask any questions they need to.

With Relationships Education becoming statutory in 2019 all primary schools will need to evidence how they are teaching their pupils about healthy relationships. The RSE Service workshops can form part of your curriculum approach.

As with any input from an external provider teachers should follow up The RSE Service input to enable children to reflect on their learning.


Half-day workshops - £170
Full-day workshops - £270


  • Complete online booking form with as much information as possible or telephone 01522 550665
  • Stay Safe Partnership will aim to confirm within 5 working days

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Last updated: 30 January 2018

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