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Council Services:

Hate Crime - Equality Ambassador Programme*

A workshop to enable students to become Equality Ambassadors in their school.


  • A workshop to raise awareness of what a Hate Crime is, how to recognise it, how it can affect the lives of people and communities, the barriers to reporting and how to report it. How we can work together to make things better and additionally how so call ‘mates’ can take advantage.
  • The workshop explores how people from many different backgrounds can work together to make things better.
  • This workshop clearly demonstrates a link between Hate Crime awareness and the British values of Democracy, Rule of Law and Tolerance.
  • Equality ambassadors within the school enabled to cascade knowledge among their peer.
  • Some learning centres and staff and learners have identified how this work will continue, including:
    “PSHE - Understanding disability and what makes us different”
    “RE - Religions around the world - challenging stereotypes”
    “Gender Equality - He for She campaign”
    “We have a Paralympic sport set which we can use to try some Paralympic sports in PE”
    “The school council will continue their work with all the classes. It is likely that we will add it to our school council agenda”

Service Description

  • Initial consultation with learning centre to ensure package is tailored, where appropriate, to specific needs and requirements.
  • JUST Lincolnshire will work with the learning centre to identify equality ambassadors. This could be from, for example, school council, peer supporters or another group that is identified as appropriate.
  • JUST Lincolnshire will deliver an awareness session to the identified group alongside appropriate staff members.
  • JUST Lincolnshire will work with learning centre and ambassadors to identify the best way to embed and promote equality in the centre.
  • Return visit to learning centre to assess ongoing effectiveness of learning and present and individualised certificate marking the learning centre’s commitment to equality and celebrating the achievement of ambassadors.
  • Ongoing contact and support.
  • We offer the opportunity to link with like-minded organisations and individuals across the county and attend future events run by JUST Lincolnshire
  • JUST Lincolnshire is the ‘single equality’ organisation in the County. We aim to make a real difference to the lives of people from all backgrounds, by championing equality, tackling discrimination and celebrating the richly diverse make up of Lincolnshire.
    JUST Lincolnshire is an organisation that is:
  • Challenging
  • Inspirational
  • Independent
    And operates with:
  • Integrity
  • Openness
  • Our staff team bring with them a wealth of experience in this field as well as the wider issues of equality, human rights and community development.


  • Throughout the year
  • Responses are provided within 10 working days


  • The workshop is typically delivered over a 1 hour session, however, if the school wishes to become more involved in interactive workshops, the length of the session can be extended accordingly.
  • JUST Lincolnshire will work with identified ambassadors and staff to explore how the learning can be embedded in the learning centre.
  • The programme is tailored to the learning centre and can also include specific issues the centre or learners are keen to explore.
  • Young people explore the importance of respect and tolerance for others.
  • This programme offers a legacy that can remain with the learning centre.
  • This model is sustainable and offers the opportunity for learning centres to embed it into their operating system.
  • Understanding of the difficulties of working within a rural county.


JUST Lincolnshire is able to offer a limited opportunity to access this programme at no financial cost to the learning centre. We are currently funded to deliver this programme if learning centres commit to the whole package. Individual components of the programme are not offered free of charge.


  • Complete online booking form with as much information as possible or telephone 01522 550665
  • Stay Safe Partnership will aim to confirm within 5 working days

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Last updated: 17 January 2018

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