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Council Services:

Concessionary Transport

When pupils and students are not entitled to transport between home and school or college, responsibility for their travel arrangements rests with their parents or guardians.

Lincolnshire County Council’s policy on education transport allows in certain circumstances for spare seats on education contract vehicles to be used by non-entitled pupils and students on payment of the appropriate charge.

The allocation of concessionary places is strictly controlled and no-one may travel on school or college transport without written authority of the Transportation Group.

Contributions can be made either for the full academic year or in three termly instalments. (Termly instalments include an administrative charge). If your child starts part way through a term the amount due will be calculated and notified to you by letter. Shown below are the contributions required for this and the forthcoming academic years:-

  • September 2017 to July 2018 - £570 or three termly payments of £193

Concessionary seats are not available if:-

  • the journey to or from school can be made by local (fare-paying) bus or train services or
  • there would be any additional cost to the County Council

The seat will only be available for the duration of the current academic year, subject to full payment. If it is wanted for subsequent years, you will need to re-apply each summer.

A concessionary seat can be withdrawn should any of the following apply:-

  • the number of children entitled to transport increases to a point where no spare seats are left or
  • a suitable fare-paying bus service becomes available or
  • a review of school transport reduces the availability of spare seats or
  • disruptive or unacceptable behaviour where proven will result in immediate withdrawal of the concessionary seat. The Max Respect Scheme aims to promote good behaviour on home to school transport services.

Entitlement to the seat ends automatically when the school year finishes in July, but if it is necessary to withdraw the concession during the course of the year, you will be given five working days’ notice to enable you to make alternative arrangements. However, we reserve the right to remove passengers under five working days should disruptive or unacceptable behaviour be substantiated.

If there are more applications for concessionary seats than there are places available a priority system operates which gives preference as follows:

  1. Pupils/students living within Lincolnshire
  2. Pupils/students who wish to use the transport at both the beginning and end of all school/college days
  3. Pupils/students attending the designated or nearest school or college
  4. Pupils/students who are part way through an exam course
  5. Those living farthest from designated or nearest school or college
  6. Youngest child

Applications for concessionary seats to start in September cannot be processed until it is known how many children will be entitled to travel on the route concerned, and it may be some weeks into the autumn term before a decision can be made. Applications for concessionary seats submitted later in the school year, can generally receive a decision within ten working days.

You should always consider what alternative travel arrangements you would make if a concessionary seat is not available, or if one is subsequently withdrawn. This is particularly important if you choose a school or college which is not the designated or nearest one to your home. Please do not send payment until you have received confirmation that a seat is available.


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