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Collect your school offer online

This online admissions system is available to Lincolnshire parents who have applied online for a Reception, Junior or Year 7 place for September 2018.

  • Parents who have applied for a Year 7 place can collect their offer from 1 March 2018.
  • Parents who have applied for a Reception or Junior place can collect their offer from 16 April 2018.
  • If you have applied online for a midyear place you cannot access your offer online. The result of your application will be emailed to you.

Once you have collected your offer, you will need to accept or decline the place.  You can then apply for transport.  You may also have the opportunity to appeal online for a school that has not been able to offer your child a place.

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Appealing Online

When you logon to our online system to collect your school offer you will have the opportunity to appeal online too.  You can only appeal online for a school which you have named on your original online application and which has refused your child a place.

We accept online appeals for Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools and a selection of Academies, Foundation, Aided and Free Schools.

The system will inform you which schools you can appeal for online and you will be provided with contact details for those schools that aren’t available to appeal online.  You still have the right to appeal for these schools; however you will need to contact the school direct to obtain the necessary paperwork.

Appealing by Paper

If you would prefer not to appeal online you will need to obtain the correct appeal paperwork.  After each school’s name on the offer page the type of school will be displayed in brackets. 

For further information on appealing please follow this link.


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Last updated: 6 March 2018

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