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Infant to Junior Transfer

If your child goes to an infant school which only caters for children aged 4 to 7 they will have to transfer to a junior or primary school at the end of Year 2.

The infant to junior co-ordinated transfer process is for:

  • Parents of Year 2 children at an infant school who require a place in Year 3 at a junior or primary school.
  • Parents of Year 2 children at a primary school who require a Year 3 place at a junior school.

If your child is in Year 2 at a primary school and you wish to apply for a Year 3 place at a different primary school you must apply on a midyear application, no more than six school weeks before the place is required.

Lincolnshire parents can apply for a place from 13 November 2017 for a Year 3 place for the September 2018 intake.

You can download the ‘Lincolnshire School Guide’ and the ‘Going to Primary School in Lincolnshire’ book below.

Please be aware that the schools oversubscription criteria in the Going to School in Lincolnshire book may be out of date, please see the schools full policy on our website instead.

The preferred method for applying for a Junior place is online. You can also apply by telephoning our Customer Service Centre on 01522 782030. Alternatively you can request a paper application using the same number.

You can apply for up to three state schools, in or out of county on your application. We strongly advise you to name three schools on your application as we cannot guarantee a place at your most preferred school.

If you do not live in Lincolnshire you must apply through your home local authority. You can name Lincolnshire schools on this application. Different rules apply if you are Service Personnel, live abroad or live in Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales.

Schools provide useful information on their websites and in their prospectus. You can also find more information by reading a school’s Ofsted report and performance tables. For further information on schools that are not in Lincolnshire, please visit the website for the school’s Local Authority.

If home to school transport is an important factor in your school choice please visit our website for further information, by following this link.

The closing date for applications is 12 noon, 15 January 2018.

Even if the closing date has passed you can still apply for a school place. If the apply online facility is no longer available you can still apply on a paper application, you can request one by telephoning our Customer Service Centre on 01522 782030. Late applications and changes received after 12 noon on 16 February 2018 will not be dealt with in time for offer day on 16 April 2018 and will be processed at a later date.



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Collect Your School Offer Online

The online admissions system is available to Lincolnshire parents who have applied online for a Reception, Junior or Year 7 place.

1 March 2018 for Secondary school offers

16 April 2018 for Primary or Junior offers


Apply Online for a School Place

Apply for a mid-year school place


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Last updated: 8 February 2018

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