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FAQs - School Appeals

Listed below are frequently asked questions about appealing for a school place. If you cannot find the information you need, please contact us using the details provided at the bottom of this page.

How do I appeal for a school place?

Please follow this link for information on how to appeal for a school place.

What is an appeal?

This is when an independent appeal panel will consider your reasons for wanting a school place and the reasons why the school have refused.

They can direct the school to offer a place if they believe your reasons are stronger than the school's reason for refusal, but this is not guaranteed.

You will need to submit a written appeal to the Admission Authority who will then invite you to attend an appeal hearing.

You will be asked to explain your reasons for appeal.  A representative of the Admission Authority will present the case for refusing a place.

Where will my appeal be held?

Appeals are usually held at a local hotel or conference centre, sometimes they are heard at the school.

When will my appeal be heard?

Midyear appeals must be resolved within thirty school days of receipt of your appeal.

Appeals for the main September intake of Reception, Junior and Year 7 follow a different timescale.

Appeals are normally heard during working hours and within term time.

Do I have to attend the appeal?

It is very important and in your best interests that you attend the appeal or send a representative.

The appeal panel will want to know your reasons why you want your child to attend your preferred school and may have some questions for you. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions.

Can my child attend the appeal?

It is not usual for the child to attend the appeal, but they may attend if you wish.

What should I write as my reasons for appeal?

The most important part of your appeal is where you give your reasons why you want your child to attend the school. It is very important to put as much detail as possible, and include supporting documents if applicable.

When will I know the outcome of the appeal?

When there are only one or two appeals, the decision is made after the last appeal and you will receive a written decision within five working days.

When there are several appeals for the same school, the decision is made after all those appeals have been heard.  In the case of multiple appeals this may be some days after your own appeal hearing. You will receive a written decision within five working days of the last appeal being heard.

What are the chances of my appeal being successful?

The appeal will be heard by an independent panel who will look at each case individually therefore it is impossible to predict the outcome of the appeal in advance.

What if I am unhappy with the way the appeal was conducted?

If you are unhappy with the way the appeal hearing was conducted you can make a complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman or to the Education Funding Agency if your appeal was for an academy. 

If my appeal was unsuccessful, what can I do?

If your appeal was unsuccessful (dismissed) you may wish to consider the alternative school if one was named on the appeal statement or you can apply for a place at a different school.

What if my child did not pass the grammar school selection test?

In this type of appeal you will have to prove to the panel that your child, despite the test results, has the required ability for a grammar school education.

You may wish to include a few recent examples of your child’s work, school reports and attainment evidence.


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Last updated: 24 July 2015

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