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Council Services:

4-16 Transport

The County Council will provide or pay for transport to a school that is:

  • In the designated transport area (DTA) for the home address and over:
    3218 metres (2 miles) for primary school children
    4827 metres (3 miles) for secondary school children
  • Nearer to the home address than the DTA school subject to distance criteria above
  • Within the DTA and less than the statutory walking distance but is on an unsuitable walking route (see below for further information)
  • Allocated by the County Council because there are no places in the DTA school and over two or three miles from the home address provided this school is the nearest with a place.

Please note if you live in in a town transport will only be provided to the nearest designated transport area school if this is over two miles (primary schools) or three miles (secondary schools) from the home address. Transport will not be provided if there is a nearer school with a place at the time of the admission application

Transport is only provided at each end of the school day and the transport arrangements (e.g. the bus service or type of transport) can change during the period of entitlement.

Transport is only provided from 1 address - the child’s home address. Transport will not be given from an alternative address. Transport is not available from a childminders address.

Entitlement to Transport on the Grounds of Low Income

Entitlement to transport on the grounds of low income only applies to pupils who attend secondary school aged 11-16.

Some pupils qualify for transport on the grounds of low income if they attend one of their 3 nearest schools and the school is between 2 and 6 miles from the child’s home address.

To qualify on grounds of low income the pupil should be entitled to free school meals or the family is receiving one of the following:

  • Income support
  • Income based Job Seekers Allowance
  • Child Tax Credit, with an annual income of less than £16,190
  • Guaranteed Element of State Pension Credit
  • Your maximum level of Working Tax Credit, as shown on the Tax Credit Award Notice (TC602) Issued the April prior to the date you require transport

Entitlement to transport on this basis will be for approximately one academic year, and will be reviewed annually each May.

If you no longer receive the qualifying benefits at the time of review then the entitlement to transport on the grounds of low income will end and you will be responsible for getting your child to school unless your child qualifies under the normal policy i.e., attending nearest/designated school over 3 miles.

If you move house, your application from the new address will be re-assessed under the ‘low income’ policy and if the school attended does not fall between 2 and 6 miles and is not one of the 3 nearest or designated schools, your child will not qualify for transport provision on the grounds of low income.

Unsuitable Routes

Under the home to school transport policy if a child lives less than the statutory walking distance from the DTA school the parent or carer is responsible for their child(ren)’s safety while travelling to and from the school. Therefore they must make arrangements to get their child to school in safety.

However if you think the route to the school is unsuitable for an accompanied child to walk then contact the Customer Service Centre and request a leaflet that explains the County Council criteria for route suitability.

If after reading the leaflet you still believe the route is unsuitable according to the County Council’s criteria please complete the form attached to the leaflet and return to the address on the form. We will then arrange for an officer to assess the route and write to you with a decision.


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1 March 2018 for Secondary school offers

16 April 2018 for Primary or Junior offers


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