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Council Services:

SEN Transport

Primary and Secondary Aged Pupils

If your child has a Statement of Special Educational Needs or an Education Health and Care Plan (EHC Plan):

School transport may be included as part of the non-educational provisions made for your child as part of their Statement/EHC Plan. If it is then transport will automatically be put in place and you do not need to apply.

If school transport is not included in your child’s Statement/EHC Plan then they may still be entitled under the transport policy provided that they are attending the nearest appropriate school with a place and meet the walking distance criteria. If you believe that your child may be entitled to school transport you should complete a home to school transport application form. Please include any relevant information in support of the child’s application.

If your child does not have a Statement/EHC Plan but does have Special Educational Needs (SEN):

You should complete a home to school transport application form if you want to apply for Home to School Transport. Please include any relevant information in support of the child’s application. Please note that the application will be assessed under the policy in place at the time of application.

Post 16 Aged Students With Special Educational Needs

If the student has a Statement or an EHC Plan and is continuing in school post 16, please consult your additional needs caseworker for advice and guidance.

Students who have Special Educational Needs and will be attending college can apply for special transport provision on our application forms.

Please be advised that transport is only provided at each end of the normal college day. Additional transport will not be provided to suit a student’s individual timetable. If the student is on an individual timetable and needs to travel at other times or remain on the college campus, the responsibility for this is between the college and the parent.

Please note – there is now a charge for all Post 16 students (including students with special educational needs) as a contribution towards the total cost of transport for which they have qualified under the policy.



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The online admissions system is available to Lincolnshire parents who have applied online for a Reception, Junior or Year 7 place.

1 March 2018 for Secondary school offers

16 April 2018 for Primary or Junior offers


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