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How do we meet these needs?

The majority of children with special educational needs will have their needs met in their local school, in accordance with the Code of Practice. All schools are expected to have in place agreed policies for special needs including:

  • curriculum delivery
  • behaviour management
  • recording of pupil's progress
  • systems for identifying special needs and for communicating them to all staff who will be in contact with the child
  • a pastoral care system which offers support to pupils
  • access to appropriate information technology and other appropriate equipment and aids
  • some individualised teaching through Individual Education Plans.

The graduated approach to addressing a child's special educational needs is called School Action and School Action Plus.  This approach ensures that provision is made to meet your child's needs. Targets must be identified and progress regularly reviewed. The school can also ask for advice from support agencies.  At every stage both you and your child should be involved in the target setting, discussing the provision and reviewing progress.

If, despite all the additional action that a school has taken, your child does not make progress, then the school may make a request for a formal or multi-disciplinary assessment to be undertaken.

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