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Last Updated - 7 March 2024

7 March 2024

CLICK HERE to read the letter from the Lincolnshire County Council Executive Board to National Grid

23 February 2024

Special Bulletin:

National Grid Pylon Proposals

Victoria atkins

I know that a lot of constituents have raised concerns about the proposals being put forward by National Grid for electricity pylons in our area. Specifically, about the limited nature of their consultation. I have therefore launched a survey for constituents on my website to gather their views on an offshore alternative. I am keen to gain constituent views on whether they feel an offshore option has been meaningfully discussed and whether they would join me in supporting calls for an independent review of offshore options for Lincolnshire East Coast. I would be grateful if constituents could fill in the survey at and share with others.
It is my view that the public should be able to formally express their views on all the strategic options for the Grimsby to Walpole line. At present, however, the public is being limited to only providing feedback on pylons going through our beautiful countryside.
The importance of reinforcing our electricity grid to cope with demand is recognised by us all. It is critical, however, that consideration of new infrastructure is done properly with both offshore and underground options explored.
In other parts of the UK, we are seeing offshore options being pursued to avoid impact on rural areas, including the Eastern Link from Scotland to the north of England. And in East Anglia the Electricity System Operator (ESO) has agreed to an independent review of offshore options. I believe it is a matter of fairness for the same action to happen for Lincolnshire.
If you have not already done so, I also urge constituents to participate in National Grid’s consultation, to ensure they see the strength of feeling on this locally. The consultation is open until 13 March 2024 and can be accessed here. 
If you would like a paper copy of any of National Grid’s consultation documents or technical documents, then please do get in touch with them via telephone at 0800 0129 153 or by email at

National Grid - Grimsby to Walpole

The period for public consultation continues until 13th March and we encourage as many people as possible to put forward their views by that deadline.

The total number of people in favour or against the proposed plan from this consultation period will be referred to throughout the process afterwards. Your views as residents are very important in this consultation.

Parish Councils could help enormously with this by raising awareness and encouraging more responses by 13th March. Many are ensuring that this information appears on their website.

A group, who oppose the proposals, has been formed called the No Pylons group and are also trying to get a huge number of responses.  They would appreciate it if residents and businesses could print off documents and ask local shops, community centre, village halls, pubs and other venues to raise awareness of the proposals and how residents can submit their views.   Many people do not have online access so they need to see it on posters and handouts. 


National Grid Proposals

National Grid announced on January 18th 2024 their proposal to build a 140km line of huge 50m high electricity pylons through the Lincolnshire countryside, from Grimsby in North East Lincolnshire  to Walpole, just over the Norfolk border.

National Grid is seeking to upgrade its electricity network capacity as part of its Great Grid Upgrade project to be able to bring more renewable energy and capability of supply to many parts of the UK over the next 10 years and beyond.

The proposed route skirts North Thoresby, Louth, Alford, Burgh le Marsh, Midville, Stickney, Langrick, Sutterton and Spalding and passing through a huge number of communities along the way.

Please read about the National Grid proposals at these two links;

Link to page on National Grid website.  

Link to interactive map of proposed route. 

National Grid are holding a series of local public meetings along the potential route of the pylons and you are encouraged to go along to hear more about the proposals.  They are also providing local information points and webinars during February.  Please try to find out more about the proposals and respond to the consultation. Details are available on the National Grid links above.


Lincolnshire County Council

The Council has issued a media statement and also provided a link to their position statement about the National Grid’s proposals

It’s a pylon pile-on! – Lincolnshire County Council

Microsoft Word - 10.0 Energy Infrastructure Position (


Joint statement by East Lindsey District Council, Boston Borough Council and South Holland District Council joint Leaders' Statement

The statement can be read here 

Partnership Leaders issue joint statement on National Grid pylon proposal


Local Members of Parliament Statements

Victoria Atkins MP


No Pylons Campaign

The No Pylons group think that pylons are unnecessary and suggest that an integrated offshore grid would be better, faster and cheaper, as shown by the group in East Anglia campaigning against a similar pylons plan there.

That campaign has already resulted in the government funding a study to assess the viability of using offshore cables instead of pylons in Essex. Can we achieve the same for Lincolnshire?

Link to the Pylons East Anglia website

There are negative effects of these giant and noisy pylons across the Lincolnshire landscape, natural environment, tourism, farming and quality of life for residents could be enormous.

The UK is the only country considering increasing their capacity with pylons on the land. In Ireland, Denmark and the Netherlands they are already building offshore islands and a sub-sea grid. This method reduces overall infrastructure by 50%!  

The offshore route that National Grid considered for Lincolnshire was not an integrated grid and so the costs they present are higher than for pylons. In fact, an integrated offshore grid would be better, faster and cheaper.

Some MPs and councillors are fighting the proposed pylons plan in Lincolnshire and East Anglia. Residents need to fight too if they oppose the proposals.

Suffolk MP Dr Dan Poulter raised the issue at a recent meeting of the Energy Security and Net Zero Select Committee and told reporters on January 24th 2024:

“The energy experts have told the Select Committee what we have known locally all along - that an offshore grid would be a cheaper, quicker and more effective way of transmitting the energy supply produced from offshore wind.”

Link to the East Anglian Daily Times article: Poulter quizzes power firms on alternative to Suffolk pylons


What you can do

Submit feedback to the National Grid on this proposal by the deadline of 13th March: Non-statutory consultation feedback questionnaire

Ask your friends, family and neighbours to submit feedback too.

Attend National Grid’s local meetings and suggest to others that they do too and submit their views. Schedule of local events from Wednesday 31st January to 29th February in various locations along proposed route. Listed under Public information exhibitions 

No Pylons group also recommend that you consider doing the following if you oppose the plans

Join the Facebook group

Offer any help or expertise:

Sign the petition at

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National grid consultation pg2