Community plan (IRMP) 2020-2023

Our community plan

Our community plan 2020-2023 sets out proposals on how Fire and Rescue will continue to keep the people of Lincolnshire safe from fires and other emergencies.

We’re interested in everyone’s views, including our residents, staff, businesses and any interested organisations, and are particularly interested in what you think about:

  • our assessment of risk in Lincolnshire (pages 7-8 of our community plan)
  • our measures to reduce these risks (pages 11 – 15 of our community plan)

The plan is based on our technical document 'Understanding Risk in Lincolnshire' which provides the evidence and background to inform our community plan (known as the Integrated Risk Management Plan or IRMP).

If you need help to provide your feedback, or have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]