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Emergency plans are required to provide an additional safeguard so that in the unlikely event of an emergency involving a major accident hazard pipeline protection could be provided to members of the public whose health and safety might be affected.

Pipelines are considered a safe mode of transporting hazardous substances and are often safer than alternative methods, for example, by road and rail.  However, there are occasions when pipeline failure results in loss of containment or accidental release of the pipeline contents.

Regulation 25 of the Pipelines Safety Regulations 1996 requires local authorities at county level or equivalent, once notified of a pipeline by the Health and Safety Executive, to prepare an emergency plan for each major accident hazard pipeline (MAHP) passing through its area. 

Lincolnshire, as with other Local Authorities details in specific plans its aim and objectives to deal effectively with an incident involving a pipeline.


To detail actions to be taken to reduce the consequences to the health and safety of people in the event of an emergency involving a major accident hazard pipeline operated by pipeline companies in Lincolnshire.


  • To have simplicity and a clear structure to ensure all users understand the principles of its operation.
  • To reduce the risks to the health and safety of all those affected by an emergency, both immediately and potentially.
  • To identify those measures needed to contain the effects of the emergency.
  • To identify the roles and responsibilities of those organisations which may be involved in the response to an emergency.
  • To manage the emergency to reduce the effects on the activities of those not directly involved.

Hazard Range

This is defined by HSE as the distance from the pipeline to the surrounding population could suffer a specified level of harm in the event of a release of pipeline fluids following a pipeline failure.

Hazard range does not take into consideration the probability or likelihood of an event occurring. However, there might be a need to extend the emergency response to cater for very low frequency major accidents.

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Last updated: 5 November 2012

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