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Council Services:

Council Services

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Covers services provided by both the County, District and Parish Councils

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  • Dangerous and poisonous waste

    A scheme for the collection and safe disposal of hazardous household waste in Lincolnshire has been agreed with the district councils.

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  • Dangerous and Wild Animals

    The law requires various types of establishments and activities to be licensed by your local district council. Such as street trading, amusements and public entertainment.

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  • Dangerous Road Junctions

    A commitment to achieving the Governments road safety casualty reduction targets.

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    • Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership

    • Witham House, Pelham Centre

    • Canwick Road

    • Lincoln

    • LN5 8HE

  • Dangerous Structures

    To report any dangerous buildings or structures, like walls or chimneys, contact your district council.

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  • Data Protection Act

    The Act covers personal information in any format which relates to living, identifiable individuals.

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  • Day care for children

    There are a number of options if you are looking for registered childcare for children over 5 years old.

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    • Family Information Service

    • Monday to Friday 8.00am till 6.00pm

    • Customer Service Centre, Witham Park House

    • Waterside South

    • Lincoln

    • LN5 7JN

  • Dead animals

    Making a complaint about animal welfare. Importation, at market, in transit or on farm.  

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  • Dead Animals

    Launches Partner Site

    Your District Council provides a free service for the removal of dead animals from all public accessible areas.

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  • Deaths Reported to a Coroner

    Find out when a death needs to be reported to the coroner and how to do it online.

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  • Decision Making

    The council is made up of 77 councillors, 10 of which form the Executive.

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  • Democratic Services

    Councillors, committee membership, the Executive and council meetings.

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  • Demolitions

    If you are thinking about demolishing a building you should contact your District or Borough Council.

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  • Demonstrations & Parades

    The County Council welcomes events that are enjoyed by residents, boost tourism and benefit local businesses.

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  • Development Control

    The Highway Authority is a statutory consultee for all Planning Applications.

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  • Development Publications

    There are a number of different publications produced by the Environment and Economy directorate which cover a range of topics.

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    • Environment and Economy

    • Lincolnshire County Council

    • Unit 7, Witham Park

    • Waterside South

    • Lincoln

    • LN5 7JN

  • Dial-a-Ride, Community Transport

    Community Transport is the most flexible form of transport with local people supporting local people. From voluntary car schemes to accessible minibuses providing door to door support if you cannot access a public bus service.

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  • Disabilities, Children

    Services for families with a child with disabilities or sensory impairments.

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  • Disability, Blue Badge Scheme

    Do it Online

    A national arrangement of parking concessions for people with severe walking difficulties who travel either as drivers or passengers.

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    • Lincolnshire County Council Blue Badge Team

    • County Offices

    • Newland

    • Lincoln

    • LN1 1YL

  • Disabled Parking

    Your District Council maintains a number of car parks distributed around the area.

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  • Display Advertisements and Hoardings

    The placement and control of Scaffolds and hoardings within the public highway is regulated by the Highway’s Act 1980(section 169).

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  • Dog Wardens

    This service is carried out by your local district council.

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  • Drainage and Sewerage

    Drainage systems remove water from the highway to provide a safe passage for all.

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  • Dropped Kerbs/Crossover

    The processes involved in applying for and constructing a new vehicular access crossing to domestic properties.

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  • Drugs, help with drugs and alcohol

    Choosing to drink less booze can bring lots of health benefits.

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