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Council Services:

Council Services

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Covers services provided by both the County, District and Parish Councils

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  • Gambling and Lottery Licences

    The law requires various types of establishments and activities to be licensed by your local district council. Such as street trading, amusements and public entertainment.

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  • Garden Waste

    All garden waste and vegetable waste from your kitchen can be recycled by composting.

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    • Environmental Services.

    • Environment & Economy

    • Lancaster House

    • 36 Orchard Street

    • Lincoln

    • LN1 1XX

  • Gardens

    Bibliography of Gardens and parks.

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  • General Highways Enquiry Form

    Report highway faults and make general enquiries online.

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  • Geological/Ecological Services

    The County Council is an active partner in the development and promotion of the Lincolnshire Biological Action Plan - through its own actions and supporting other agencies and partners in developing this important area.

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  • Government in Lincolnshire

    Your guide to government services in the Lincolnshire

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  • Governors, School

    Information on becoming a school governor and what they do.

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  • Graffiti

    If graffiti is noticed around your area, spoiling highway street signs, bridges or buildings, then contact your local District Council and report the observation.

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  • Grant Aid for Community Groups

    This grant is currently closed

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  • Grants

    View our grant schemes and other funding opportunities and services.

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  • Grass Cutting

    The county council maintains the majority of grass verges alongside adopted highways.

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  • Gritting, Winter Salting of Roads in Lincolnshire

    The council grits 1,869 miles of priority roads when road temperatures drop to around 1°C.

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  • Gully Cleansing

    The county council carries out regular checks to reduce the risk of flooding on the highway.

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