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Council Services:

Council Services

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Covers services provided by both the County, District and Parish Councils

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  • Immunisation

    Vaccinations help protect against potentially life-threatening illnesses.

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  • Independent Schools

    To apply for a place at this type of school please contact the school direct.

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    • School Administration

    • County Offices

    • Newland


    • LN1 1YQ

  • Industrial Properties

    A wide portfolio of managed office space and industrial units catering for various sectors

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    • Economic Development Services - Property

    • 2nd Floor, Lancaster House

    • Orchard Street

    • Lincoln

    • LN1 1XX

  • Information for School Governors

    Information on becoming a school governor and what they do.

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  • Information Governance

    The Council’s Information Governance framework sets out the way our organisation handles information, in particular, the personal and sensitive data relating to our customers and employees.

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  • Innovation Lincolnshire

    Signposting and support services designed to help you resource innovative ways to improve your business.

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  • Interpreting and Translating

    Information about the translation service available to Lincolnshire residents.

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