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Council Services:

Council Services

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Covers services provided by both the County, District and Parish Councils

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  • Major Accident Hazards

    Major emergency arrangement.

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    • Emergency Planning and Business Continuity Service

    • Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Headquarters

    • South Park Avenue

    • Lincoln

    • Lincolnshire

    • LN5 8EL

  • Making a Subject Access Request

    The Data Protection Act 1998 (Subject Access) gives you the right to access your personal information held by organisations.

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  • Marriage Vows, Renewal

    This ceremony is for any couple that wishes to celebrate renewing their marriage vows.

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  • Meals School, Free

    Do it Online

    Information on free school meals. What you can expect from a meal, who is entitled to it and how to apply.

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  • Meetings, Committee Records - Lincolnshire County Council

    The council’s Committee Records service is designed to help the public keep track of the decisions made by councillors.

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  • Mental health

    Where to get help with a range mental health conditions or suicidal thoughts.

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  • Minerals and Waste Development Framework

    The Lincolnshire Minerals and Waste Local Plan is being produced in two parts

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    • Planning Services

    • Unit 4, Witham Park House

    • Waterside South

    • Lincoln

    • LN5 7JN

  • Misuse of Blue Badge, Reporting Form

    Do it Online

    The Blue Badge scheme helps you park closer to your destination if you’re disabled.

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  • Mobile Libraries

    Find out when the mobile library service comes to your area.

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  • Mobile Snack Bars

    The law requires various types of establishments and activities to be licensed by your local district council. Such as street trading, amusements and public entertainment.

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  • Monuments, Scheduled

    'Scheduling' is shorthand for the process through which nationally important sites and monuments are given legal protection by being placed on a list, or 'schedule'.

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    • Planning (Business)

    • Planning (Business) Unit 4

    • Witham Park House

    • Waterside South

    • Lincoln

    • LN5 7JN

  • Municipal Waste Strategy

    The county council, the seven district councils and the Environment Agency have agreed a Municipal Waste Strategy for Lincolnshire.

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  • Music Service, Lincolnshire

    Provides music leadership, excellence and access through a diverse range of opportunities.

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    • Lincolnshire Music Service

    • Myle Cross Centre

    • Macaulay Drive

    • St. Giles

    • Lincoln

    • LN2 4EL

    • Tel: 01522 553238

    • Fax:


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