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Real Nappies

Lincolnshire's Real Nappy Network

Every year, more than 6,500 tonnes of disposable nappies are thrown away in Lincolnshire. Most of this waste is sent to the Energy from Waste plant in Lincoln. Surplus waste is sent to landfill. Both these methods are very expensive involving transport costs, processing costs and taxes.

Using reusable nappies is a practical way to reduce both waste and the detrimental environmental effects of nappy disposal.

Nappy Trial Bucket

Nappy Trial Bucket

Lincolnshire County Council funded ten real nappy trial buckets that contain a range of cloth nappies and accessories.

The trial buckets are intended to allow you to try the different types of cloth nappies available on the market. They contain at least one of each of the following: flat nappies, shaped nappies, all in one nappies and pocket nappies. They do not contain a wide range of each type of nappy.

If you have any questions about the trial buckets or would like to arrange to borrow a trial bucket please contact the Lincolnshire Real Nappy Network Facebook Group. Please state where in Lincolnshire you live and the approximate weight and age of your baby.

The Lincolnshire Real Nappy Network

The Lincolnshire Real Nappy Network is run by a group of passionate volunteers who all use cloth nappies on their own children. The network of volunteers is on hand to provide information and support as well as demonstrations on how to use each type of nappy. Regular 'nappucinos' are held at around the county where parents can come along for a chat and find out more about real nappies. Visit the Lincolnshire Real Nappy Network Facebook Group for more information.

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Last updated: 5 April 2016

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