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Waste strategy for Lincolnshire

The county council, the seven district councils and the Environment Agency together form the Lincolnshire Waste Partnership and its aim is to deliver sustainable waste management services to the community.

The facts

In Lincolnshire, we produce around 360,000 tonnes of municipal waste each year, and most of this, amounting to about half a tonne of waste per year for each person living in the county, is collected directly from your home or taken to our household waste recycling centres.

In the past, although we recycled and composted around half of our waste, the remainder was sent to landfill. However, this landfilling was a bad thing for a number of reasons, including:

  • It is bad for the environment
  • It is contrary to government policy
  • It has become increasingly expensive due to rising landfill tax

In view of that, moving away from this use of landfill for final disposal was the major aim of our current waste strategy and, since the opening of our Energy from Waste facility at North Hykeham in 2013, less than 5% of our waste now goes to landfill.

The new facility has the capacity to treat around 160,000 tonnes of municipal waste a year, turning this into steam to generate enough electricity to power around 15,000 homes.

The challenge - a new waste strategy

The current Waste Strategy has been in place since 2008 and we now face a new series of challenges, including:

  • Continuing to provide the best possible service at a time when local authority budgets have been greatly reduced
  • Turning around a recycling rate which has begun to fall both locally and nationally
  • Possible changes in government policy following our departure from the European Union

We've now started work on a new strategy that will look at these and a range of other waste issues, and see how we can face them together to achieve the best possible service for the people of Lincolnshire.

The Lincolnshire Waste Partnership authorities have together agreed to an overall vision:

"To seek the best environmental option to provide innovative, customer-friendly waste management solutions that give value for money to Lincolnshire."

This is supported by a number of draft objectives:

  1. To improve the quality and therefore commercial value of our recycling stream
  2. To consider moving towards a common set of recycling materials
  3. To consider the introduction of separate food waste collections
  4. To explore new opportunities of using all waste as a resource in accordance with the waste hierarchy
  5. To contribute to the UK recycling target of 50% by 2020
  6. To find the most appropriate ways to measure our environmental performance, and set appropriate targets
  7. To seek to reduce our carbon footprint
  8. To make an objective assessment of whether further residual waste recovery/disposal capacity is required and, if necessary, seek to secure appropriate capacity
  9. To regularly review the Lincolnshire Waste Partnership governance model in order to provide the best opportunity to bring closer integration and the implementation of the objectives set by the srategy
  10. To consider appropriate innovative solutions in the delivery of our waste management services

How can you share your views?

We are currently putting together a draft strategy and action plan which will look at ways to meet these objectives. We expect this to be ready by early 2018, which we will then share with the public and ask for views and thoughts.

In the meantime, we are currently consulting with the Environment Agency, Natural England and Historic England on the preliminary "scoping" stages of the strategic environmental assessment which will accompany the strategy. You can view or download the draft scoping report below.


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Last updated: 22 September 2017

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