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Waste types

If you bring the wrong waste type on the wrong day, we will not let you unload it.

Monday and Sunday only
Black-bagged general waste, plastic and mattresses
Plasterboard (limited to one dustbin full per vehicle per day)
Bulky waste, such as carpets and sofas

Tuesday, Friday and Saturday only
Garden waste, wood and glass
Soil and hardcore (limited to one dustbin full per vehicle per day)

All days, Friday to Tuesday
Scrap metal, cardboard, paper, electricals (such as washing machines and TVs), batteries, household chemicals, mineral and cooking oil, gas cylinders and clothing

Wednesday and Thursday

Vans and trailers

You must have a permit to book a click and tip slot:

  • a van (up to 2m high)
  • a large trailer (up to 12ft x 6ft)

Your free permit allows your household to book up to 12 visits per year.

You must cancel bookings you no longer need or they count towards your limit.

We allow vans every day our sites are open.

We allow trailers on Mondays and Fridays only:

Do not overload your trailer or carry extra waste in your vehicle. If you do, we will not accept your waste.

If you book a regular click and tip slot for a van or large trailer, we will not let you enter the site.

Apply for a permit or make a booking

When you book a permit slot, we will ask you for your permit number.

If you do not have a permit, you must apply for one. You will need your:

  • vehicle V5
  • proof of address 

Permits can take up to four working days to process.

We release slots up to 10 days in advance.

Apply or book

Operating times are temporary due to the current circumstances and are subject to change.