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Aug 2006

Woodward, G H   Letters to the editor. ‘M’ shaped [woods planted in the shape of letters at Farforth].
Lincolnshire Life vol 16 no 10 Dec 1976pp 32-33

Martineau, Hugh D   A mysterious lady in grey [Farforth House].
Lincolnshire Life vol 11 no 5 Jul 1971p37

Mcneaney, Sean   Ladies in grey [Lincolnshire’s female ghosts at Farforth, Caythorpe, Stixwould ad Lincoln].
Lincolnshire Life vol 45 no 7 Oct 2005pp24-25

Kaye, David   The open road… the Wolds south of Lincoln [Tathwell, Farforth, Cadwell, Cawkwell, Scamblesby, Maidenwell & Burwell].
Lincolnshire Life vol 20 no 11 Feb 1981pp18-23

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