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Aug 2006

Walter, J Conway   Records, historical and antiquarian, of parishes round Horncastle [inc. Tetford].
Horncastle: W K Morton, 1904

Horncastle Rural District Council   The official guide. Historical research and notes by J. N. Clarke [Tetford pp31-32].
Croydon: Home Publishing, [1964?]

Harper-Smith, Richard   Paupers, priests and people of Tetford: a history.
Tetford: The author, 2001

Appeal for the restoration of St. Mary’s Church Tetford January 1966.
no details, [1966]

[The death of the Rev A B Skipworth, Vicar of Tetford].
Lincoln, Rutland & Stamford Mercury 2 Dec 1898 p5 column 3

[Dissolution of Partnership: Charles Edward Berry & Francis Augustus Berry - Grocers & Drapers at Tetford].
Lincoln, Rutland & Stamford Mercury 3 Nov 1876 p6 column 5

[Proposed Bridge at Tetford over Lincoln to Skegness Railway].
Lincoln, Rutland & Stamford Mercury 8 Feb 1884 p5 column 1

[Additional Land to be consecrated for burial at Tetford].
Lincoln, Rutland & Stamford Mercury 12 May 1876 p5 column 1

[New chapel opened at Tetford].
Lincoln, Rutland & Stamford Mercury 22 Aug 1862 p5 column 2

[Man sent to the house of correction for assaulting a shoemaker at Tetford ( Edward Spikings)].
Lincoln, Rutland & Stamford Mercury 25 May 1832 p3 column 3

[Tetford Foresters Court celebrated 36th Anniversary].
Lincoln, Rutland & Stamford Mercury 26 May 1876 p4 column 7

Howard, John   See and enjoy more of your county on the open road [Stenigot, Girsby Manor, Hainton, South Willingham, Benniworth, Market Stainton, Goulceby, Tetford, South Ormsby, Burwell, Haugham].
Lincolnshire Life vol 1 no 2 Summer 1961 pp36-37

Walker, Ida   Letters to the editor. Slain by lightning [drawing of gravestone in Tetford, killed by lightning whilst passing through].
Lincolnshire Life vol 2 no 2 Summer 1962 p43

Dixon, Brian   Rambling in Tennyson county [Tetford, Somersby, Bag Enderby … to Salmonby].
Lincolnshire Life vol 3 no 2 Apr/May 1963 p27 & 39

Martineau, H D   Quaint village names [signpost on Tetford Hill, Bluestone Heath Road].
Lincolnshire Life vol 9 no 8 Oct 1969 p61

Marshall, J R   Charles Richardson. The story of a Lincolnshire peasant preacher [of Tetford, born at Fulletby].
Lincolnshire Life vol 10 no 7 Sep 1970 pp48-50

Robinson, David N   Poachings. What? Where? and When? [photo of Tetford car hill-climb trial c1910?].
Lincolnshire Life vol 12 no 5 Jul 1972 p43

Faulds, Fan   The White Hart Inn at Tetford.
Lincolnshire Life vol 12 no 9 Nov 1972 pp40-41

The White Hart Inn, Tetford [photo].
Lincolnshire Life vol 14 no 7 Sep 1974 p3

Lincolnshire craftsmen, Peter Davis [furniture maker of Tetford].
Lincolnshire Life vol 14 no 7 Sep 1974 p59

Hallgarth, W E R
Old and new Tetford in the heart of Tennyson country.
Lincolnshire Life vol 15 no 9 Nov 1975 pp34-37, 40-44

Marfleet, Maple   Spinney Hill Tetford [home of Mr & Mrs Mucas].
Lincolnshire Life vol 16 no 6 Aug 1976 pp22-24

Woodward, G H   Letters to the editor. Gamekeeper Brumby [Woralby Farm,Tetford].
Lincolnshire Life vol 17 no 12 Mar 1978 p50

Blake, Maurice   Gipsy Tyso lives again [Margaret Baker hypnotised, reincarnation of Gipsy Tyso, killed by lightning at Tetford].
Lincolnshire Life vol 19 no 7 Oct 1979 p55

Kaye, David   The open road … Little London in Lincolnshire [Spalding, Long Sutton, Tetford, Stallingborough & Legsby. Photographs pp 48-49].
Lincolnshire Life vol 26 no 1 Apr 1986 pp47-49

Bowden, Ken   Henry Stephenson’s journey to Lincolnshire July 1877 [inc. Tetford].
Lincolnshire Life vol 26 no 4 Jul 1986 pp32-34

Scrimshaw, George F   Scrimshaw family [of Louth, Skegness & Tetford].
Lincolnshire Life vol 26 no 10 Jan 1987 p35

Rivron, Pat   Journeys [visiting High Farm, Tetford].
Lincolnshire Life vol 27 no 5 Aug 1987 p26

Woodward, Gordon   Sleepy Tetford [ poem & photo ].
Lincolnshire Life vol 29 no 6 Sep 1989 p38

Hull, Alan   Stepping out from Tetford.
Lincolnshire Life vol 32 no 19 Sep 1993 pp10-11

Giles, Julia   Bottled Magic [Claudia & Mike Booth of `Aura Soma` colour therapy business at Tetford].
Lincolnshire Life vol 34 no 8 Nov 1994 pp58-59

Crust, Linda   A breed apart [Long horns bred by Charles & Debbie Sutcliffe at Tetford].
Lincolnshire Life vol 35 no 7 Oct 1995 p6-7

Marrows, Hugh   Sunday lunch walks [Tetford to Salmonby & back].
Lincolnshire Life vol 36 no 11 Feb 1997 p56

Wolds, Jonathan   Alive and thriving [Tetford & Salmonby].
Lincolnshire Life vol 45 no 8 Nov 2005 pp80-81

Perceval, Cecil H S   The Thymolby family [of Tetford].
Lincolnshire Notes & Queries vol 1 part 6 Apr 1889 pp183-184

Massingberd, W O   Some early charters relating to Tetford.
Lincolnshire Notes & Queries vol 4 no 32 Oct 1895 pp228-229

Dudding, Reginald C   Tetford account book [1799-1868].
Lincolnshire Notes & Queries vol 23 no 183 Jul 1934 pp39-42

Lincoln, Rutland & Stamford Mercury is available at Lincoln Central, Boston, Stamford, Sleaford & Stamford libraries.

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