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Lincolnshire County Council, through the Emergency Planning Unit, work very closely with the Environment Agency and many other professional partners both in planning to reduce the effects of flooding, in the response to an incident and in the recovery process after a flooding event.

If you live near the coast, there is always the possibility that a combination of high tides and bad weather will threaten your property with flooding. Even though a great deal of work has, and continues to be done on the sea defences to prevent this from happening.

However, if you live inland, recent flooding events have demonstrated that exceptional storms can cause flooding even on hill slopes, when the drainage system is overwhelmed by the amount of water that it is expected to carry. Also when the ground is saturated even small amounts of rainfall will find it difficult to drain away from gardens and enclosed spaces.

Further information on flooding can be found on the Lincolnshire Prepared website or by contacting your local district council.


  • Joint Emergency Management Service (JEMS)

    Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Headquarters

    South Park Avenue



    LN5 8EL

    Tel: 01522 582 220

    Fax: 01522 519318


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Last updated: 13 February 2014

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