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Council Services:

Equality impact analysis

Our equality impact analysis is a process to identify the impact or likely impact a project, proposed service change, commissioning, decommissioning or policy will have on people with protected characteristics.

Our approach:

  • Helps decision makers fulfil their duties under the Equality Act 2010
  • Evidences  the positive and adverse impacts of a proposed change on people with protected characteristics and ways to mitigate or eliminate any adverse impacts.

Decision-makers’ duty under the Equality Act 2010

Having had careful regard to the equality impact analysis, and also the consultation responses, decision makers are under a personal duty to have due regard to the need to protect and promote the interests of persons with ‘protected characteristics’ and to:  

  • consider and analyse how the decision is likely to affect those with protected characteristics, in practical terms.
  • remove any unlawful discrimination, harassment, victimisation and other prohibited conduct.
  • consider whether practical steps should be taken to mitigate or avoid any adverse consequences that the decision is likely to  have, for persons with protected characteristics and, indeed, to consider whether the decision should not be taken at all, in the interests of persons with protected characteristics.
  • consider whether steps should be taken to advance equality, foster good relations and generally promote the interests of persons with protected characteristics, either by varying the recommended decision or by taking some other decision.

Impact - definition

An impact is an intentional or unintentional lasting consequence or significant change to people’s lives brought about by an action or series of actions. We consider both obvious and any less obvious impacts.

Engaging with people with the ‘protected characteristics’ helps us identify less obvious impacts as these groups share their perspectives with us.

JUST Lincolnshire

A county-wide organisation which aims to encompass all diversity strands and make a real difference to the lives of people from every background.


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