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Lincolnshire Energy Switch Scheme

You could save hundreds on your bill

Registration is now open for the next round of the Lincolnshire Energy Switch scheme.

Collective energy switching is a way for communities to negotiate cheaper gas and electricity tariffs with energy suppliers through an auction process. Rather than switching provider as an individual, residents register their interest and, through the combined buying power, may be able to save money on their energy bills. The more people who register before the auction is held, the bigger the potential savings for everyone.

If you rarely or have never switched energy supplier you are likely to see the biggest savings. Previous Lincolnshire Energy Switch schemes have seen average savings of just over £300 on annual energy bills for people who switched to the dual-fuel online tariff paying by monthly direct debit. If you have used switching websites before or are currently on a fixed rate tariff you might not see such great savings, but you can still register your interest and see what you are offered. If you are on a pre-payment meter you can still take part and benefit from a cheaper tariff.

How the Lincolnshire Energy Switch works:

1. Register your interest.
Register online or call 0800 048 8439 (between 8am - 5:30pm Monday to Friday - except bank holidays). You will need your annual energy statement or latest energy bills, information on your current tariff and energy consumption, your preferred method of payment and your contact details. It is free to register.

2. Energy auction is held.
At the end of the registration period an auction will be held with energy suppliers to find out which one will provide the best price to supply energy to the households that have registered.

3. Receive an offer.
You will be sent a personal offer - it is up to you whether you accept it and choose to switch or not. There is no obligation to switch suppliers after you have registered. If you do not like the offer you can decline it.

When considering your offer bear in mind whether there are exit fees to leave your current deal (there can be one per fuel) and whether payments such as the Warm Homes Discount might be lost if the winning supplier does not offer this.

Each time a new scheme is launched you will need to re-register your details before you are submitted into the next round, whether you accepted a previous offer or not. If you have previously switched through the scheme you will not be automatically contacted by us when your deal is coming to an end but your supplier should let you know - you would need to re-register to receive an offer.

Pre-register your interest

The registration link can be used to sign-up new participants after the auction has taken place and before the date by which offers need to be accepted, so if you miss the auction deadline you haven’t missed out completely. Also, once a switching cycle has ended, you can pre-register your details ahead of the next auction and you will be notified by email when the scheme re-opens so that you can confirm your details and be entered into the collective switch.

Sign-up on behalf of your friends and family

If you do not have an email address, do not worry - you can still register. If a family member or trusted friend has an email address, they can register your details on your behalf. Each email address can be used for up to five different registrations and it means that they will receive your offer as soon as it is available. If you’d prefer not to register online you can visit your district council offices or call 0800 048 8439 to complete a registration with a customer services advisor. Your new tariff offer will then be posted to you, but you will have to sign and return your forms quickly if you agree to accept the offer.

Do you use oil for your heating?

If you use heating oil, have you considered joining an oil bulk buying scheme? For further information visit the Community Lincs Oil Buying Scheme registration page.

For further advice on how to cut down on your energy bills, please visit Ofgem’s Go Energy Shopping site.

Register with Lincolnshire Energy Switch

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Last updated: 29 November 2017

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