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Council Services:

Money advice

Managing your money

We all know that we need to take responsibility for our financial affairs, but don’t always know where to start. Spending only a few minutes a week reviewing and planning your budget can make a real difference.

‘Your money’ from the Money Advice Service gives impartial information and tools to help work out what’s right for you.  They offer step-by step guides on many topics to help you manage your money.

If you need information, advice or help to manage your money then the ‘Money Advice Service’ can help.

Debt problems

Almost everyone has some form of debt but if you are having trouble paying your bills or loan repayments you should get help as soon as possible.

If you’re in debt, don’t panic.  But it’s important to do something because the problem won’t just go away.  Don’t ignore calls or letters from those you owe money to.  The earlier you contact them the more flexible they are likely to be in coming to an agreement with you.

Facing up to the debt and understanding how best to deal with it is the first step on the road to financial recovery.

There are a number of organisations which offer free and independent advice and support to help you with money problems, including:

Borrowing wisely

The Lincolnshire Credit Union has a wide range of services available to its members including safe saving and affordable loan schemes at low interest rates.  Credit Unions are non-profit making financial cooperatives offering services that exist solely to benefit their members.  They offer a simple way to save and an affordable way to borrow.

Loan Sharks

The England Illegal Money Lending Team (EIMLT) has the power to investigate and prosecute loan sharks. You can report a loan shark or illegal money lender to them by telephone or through their website You can also report a loan shark to

Vist the Money Advice Service website

Understand your money
in minutes

Visit their site

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Last updated: 21 November 2017

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