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Council Services:

Request Business Advice

Providing advice to Lincolnshire businesses is an important part of what we do to ensure compliance with Trading Standards laws and to promote consumer confidence in the goods and services they purchase. 

We offer three types of support to businesses:

 General Basic Advice and Guidance

We provide general basic advice and guidance without charge, but we are limited to providing the business with a general explanation of the law in relation to a question raised by the business and signposting to web based advice materials.

This general basic advice and guidance we provide is time limited, exceeding no more than one hour of a Trading Standards Officer’s time in total, to help the business comply with the law. Thereafter we charge for business advice through a Pay As You Go scheme.

For free, web based impartial legal guidance for businesses on Trading Standards Legislation please visit the Chartered Trading Standards Institutes Business Companion.

Pay As You Go Business Advice and Guidance  

Requests beyond basic advice or requests which subsequently become very complex and require detailed research are charged at an hourly rate of £60:00 plus VAT.

Other examples of Pay As You Go Business Advice and Guidance include:

  • complex work or work specific to a particular product system or issue;
  • tailored advice to the business;
  • assessment of and reports on product labels at the request of the business;
  • testing of goods at the request of a business;
  • assessing new or existing terms and conditions of business at the request of the business;
  • delivery of training at the request of the business;
  • assessment of brochures, advertisements or leaflets at the request of a business
  • site visits at the request of the business

Pay As You Go Business Advice and Guidance is available to all businesses that trade within Lincolnshire, regardless of their size and the frequency/complexity of their enquiry.

The service is chargeable on a cost recovery basis and includes:

  • Mediation
  • Training
  • Public Analyst Services

A full quotation is given to ensure businesses are aware of the cost implications.

Primary Authority

Primary Authority is a statutory scheme, established by the Regulatory Enforcement and Sanctions Act 2008.

It allows an eligible business to form a legally recognised partnership with a single local authority in relation to regulatory compliance. This local authority is then known as its ‘primary authority’. The partnership is overseen by the Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO) who agree the terms and conditions.

Primary Authority advice is assured and provided it is followed, the business can rely upon it and not be challenged by local regulators. There is often more than one way in which to comply with legal requirements so there may be differences in how similar businesses do this.  It is recognised that there should be a level playing field for businesses and where appropriate we will take action to ensure fair trading. 

As part of the Primary Authority Partnership we will offer the following services as standard:

  • A dedicated telephone number and email address
  • 3 working day first response to enquiries
  • All advice will be provided in writing
  • No travel rate charges for visiting Lincolnshire based businesses
  • A dedicated officer who gets to know your business
  • Co-ordination of enquiries from other local authorities / regulators / members of the public to provide a single point of contact
  • On-going strategic support for the business: this includes professionally qualified officers providing comprehensive advice and guidance.

In addition, the following services can be provided at the request of the business:

  • Training
  • Review of policies, procedures and systems
  • Audit of business systems
  • Audit of business compliance

All businesses entering into a Primary Authority Partnership will be charged fees to recover the costs incurred by Lincolnshire Trading Standards on a cost-recovery only basis.

A one off introduction fee of £150.00 will be chargeable to cover the cost of setting up the partnership. Then a minimum contract of 20 hours yearly support for the business will apply.

An annual review of the partnership will be conducted.

Establishment of a primary authority partnership involves the following elements:

  • Our acceptance of a request to form a partnership
  • Agreement on the terms and conditions
  • Agreement on costs and charges
  • Acceptance by BRDO

Whilst we are committed to supporting legitimate businesses through primary authority partnerships, we reserve the right to accept or refuse requests to join the scheme where we consider that to do so is in the best interests of Lincolnshire County Council.

Visit to view a public list of registered primary authority partnerships and for further guidance and detailed information on the scheme

A written estimate is given to ensure businesses are aware of the cost implications.

To request business advice or a written estimate, please fill in the online form here

For more information or to book a session, please contact Lincolnshire Trading Standards Business Development Team on:

T: 01522552490 (Please select option 2)


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Last updated: 20 December 2017

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