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Council Services:

How do I become a volunteer?

If you are interested in applying for volunteering opportunities at Lincolnshire County Council, please complete the expression of interest form. If you want more information than is provided below, please email our Customer Service Centre on or call 01522 782040 (Monday to Sunday, 9am to 5pm).

Once your application form is received we will assess if there are any suitable opportunities for you, we will let you know of the results of this within 10 working days. You will then be invited to visit one of our sites to find out more about the role and have a chat about any requirements you may have. Once we have received your references, and any DBS requirements have been fulfilled, you are ready to have your induction.

Will I need a DBS check?

Anyone applying for a role in which they will require contact weekly contact with the same group of children or vulnerable adults will be required to have a DBS check. This will be made clear to you during your informal interview and will normally be indicated on the role description for the activity.

What training and support do you provide?

All volunteers are provided with a named member of staff, your volunteer supervisor, who will act as a support for you throughout your time with us. During your induction, you supervisor will determine any assistance and/or adjustments that need to be made to support you in your activity. They will also arrange regular one-to-one sessions with you if you require them You will be provided with all necessary training.

What can I do if I am under 16?

We are unable to accept volunteers under the age of 16 due to insurance issues. If you are due to turn 16 within the next few months, please still apply as we will be able to keep your application on record and inform you of any opportunities later. Otherwise, contact your school or college to find out what work experience placements they may be able to offer you. You may be able to engage through the Duke of Edinburgh scheme.

Will volunteering affect my benefits?

Volunteering with any organisation can be a fantastic way to gain experience and get back into the workplace. Volunteering should not impact your ability to claim Job Seekers Allowance (JSA), Income Support or Tax Credits.

If you are in receipt of JSA, you are able to volunteer with us for as long as you wish per week so long as you continue to ‘actively seek employment’. However, you must let your Job Centre Plus advisors know that you intend on volunteering with us.

If you are in receipt of incapacity or other disability-related benefit, it is up to you to make sure that any activity you carry out does not put your benefits at risk.

What expenses are you able to offer?

You should not be out of pocket by volunteering with us and we will endeavour to make sure that this is the case. You should discuss with your expenses needs during your first informal meeting with your volunteer supervisor.

Is there a minimum time commitment?

In short, no. We appreciate any time our volunteers can give. Some volunteer for several hours a week, some for only one or two hours a month. If an opportunity has fixed-time requirements (i.e. around library opening hours) we can usually attempt to tailor this to your availability. This can be discussed during your initial meeting.

Some activities will not run indefinitely and will have a fixed end date. If this is the case, you will be informed at the earliest possible opportunity.

What happens if there are no suitable opportunities for me?

We are not always able to find activities for everyone who would like to volunteer with us due to high demand. If this is the case we will let you know as soon as we are able. We can keep your details on file for six months and, if you wish, let you know if another suitable opportunity becomes available.

If there is nothing suitable when you apply, please contact your local volunteer centre which will be able provide you with details of other opportunities.

What happens if I want to stop volunteering with you?

You can leave whenever you like. As a volunteer, you do not have to provide any official notice, but we would politely ask that you notify us of your intention to leave as early as possible in order to help us find someone to fill your role.

Is there a lot of paperwork to complete?

There is a small amount of paperwork to complete - and a little bit more if you require a DBS check - before you can start with us. Everything we ask you to complete is important and helps us make adjustments for you or provides you with insurance during your activity.

Can I volunteer if I have a criminal record?

Having a criminal record does not automatically bar you from volunteering with us and each case will be decided on its own merits and risk.

If you have a criminal record, please disclose this to your volunteer supervisor during your initial meeting. Failure to do so may mean we have to stop you from volunteering with us, even if your record would not.

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Last updated: 8 January 2018

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