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Council Services:

Historic Environment

Lincolnshire County Council’s Places Team helps to manage the county’s archaeological service.

Management advice

If you own an area of land which incorporates or is next to an archaeological site, you can contact the Places Team for advice on how to manage the area. Whether you need information on scrub clearance, tree planting, pond excavation or even survey and presentation, the Places Team is here to help.

Planning advice and advice on new development

The staff of the Places Team review new developments in the county ranging from new road schemes and gravel sites to private household extensions, and the work of statutory undertakers like gas and water pipelines. Advice is given through the planning departments of the county and district councils and directly to developers. If you think your development might affect an archaeological site, or want to know how to avoid them and thus limit your development costs then the Places Team is here to help.

Lincolnshire County Historic Environment Record

The Historic Environment Record (HER) consists of a computerised index of the historic environment in Lincolnshire including archaeological sites and historic buildings. It contains approximately 30,000 records which are cross referenced to various sources of information held in the files and in the library of the HER. We keep records of archaeological excavations, historic building surveys, aerial and terrestrial photographs and details of individual finds.

Whether you are researching the development of early Saxon settlement in England, your local parish history or just want to know what is in Lincolnshire come to the HER. You can look at our records, by appointment, during office hours (9 am - 5.30 pm, Monday to Friday). Information may also be requested by letter, phone or fax.

Heritage Champions in Lincolnshire

A Heritage Champion is usually a local councillor who has been nominated by their authority. It is up to each Heritage Champion to interpret the role in a way that fits with the champion’s own interest and position, along with the particular local conditions

Heritage Champions are able to recognise and respond to issues that are important to people locally. They are well placed to support local groups and other organisations to realise the cultural, social, and economic potential of their local historic environment.

Local authorities play a crucial role in the protection and management of the historic environment. They own and manage historic properties, parks and public spaces. They are also central to the management of change in communities across the country in their roles as planning authorities.

The following councillors are the Heritage Champions within Lincolnshire:

Boston Borough CouncilCouncillor Peter Bedford
City of Lincoln CouncilCouncillor Neil Murray
East Lindsey District CouncilVacant
North Kesteven District CouncilCouncillor Stewart Ogden
South Holland District CouncilCouncillor Mrs Elizabeth Sneath
South Kesteven District CouncilCouncillor Bob Adams
West Lindsey District CouncilVacant


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Last updated: 8 December 2017

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