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Ecological and Geological Services

Biodiversity is the whole range of living things, from the largest tree down to the smallest creature. It includes not only well known animals and flowering plants but also little known insects, mosses, lichens and fungi. It's also about the wide range of habitats that species live in and depend upon.

Biodiversity can be found everywhere in Lincolnshire, not just in nature reserves but even in our own gardens, in our streets and local parks, and in the fields, hedges and road verges we pass every day.

Lincolnshire County Council is a member of the Lincolnshire Biodiversity Partnership, which is responsible for the Lincolnshire Biodiversity Action Plan (2nd Edition, 2006), the Lincolnshire Environmental Records Centre and the review of non-statutory nature conservation site.

Lincolnshire County Council is a partner in several landscape-scale projects that include in their objectives the conservation and enhancement of biodiversity. Including the following:

  • Lincolnshire Coastal Country Park
  • Lincolnshire Wolds (AONB) Countryside Service, including Chalk Streams Project
  • The South Lincolnshire Fens Partnership
  • The Wash & North Norfolk Coast European Marine Site Management Scheme
  • Lincolnshire Limewoods
  • Lincolnshire Coastal Grazing Marshes
  • Lincolnshire Waterways Partnership

Please see the weblinks section for more information on these.

There is an introduction to the geology of Lincolnshire in the Minerals and Waste Development Framework. Lincolnshire County Council is working with the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust's Geodiversity Group to prepare a Geodiversity Action Plan and review the Regionally Important Geological (& Geomorphological) Sites or RIGS as "Local Geology Sites". The Lincolnshire Wolds (AONB) Countryside Service has published leaflets for residents and visitors introducing the geology of this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty "Geology of the Wolds" and the importance of water to this landscape "Water of the Wolds".


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Last updated: 7 December 2017

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