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Did you know that Kirkstead Abbey was founded in 1139 but that the monks moved the site of the monastery in 1187?

The 1187 site is known today and has surviving earthworks. The monks lived at the old site for forty-eight years and must have built a church and living quarters but the site of this 1139 monastery is not known, although it is probably fairly near to the 1187 site. This is one of several monasteries in Lincolnshire that we know existed but which can not now be located on the ground.

Archaeological excavations during the mid 1990s in Deeping St James parish, beside the River Welland, uncovered a Bronze Age settlement. It had survived very well beneath later flood deposits and the archaeologists even found the wheel ruts left in the mud by a Bronze Age cart that had crossed this settlement more than three thousand years ago.

Nailed to the door of Bag Enderby Church, near Somersby in the Lincolnshire Wolds, is an Anglo-Saxon shield boss. It has been there for several generations, and is very rusted now. Was it found locally? Did the Anglo-Saxon man who owned it live in this part of the Wolds?

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Last updated: 10 November 2010

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