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Scheduled Monuments

'Scheduling' is shorthand for the process through which nationally important sites and monuments are given legal protection by being placed on a list, or 'schedule'.

The schedule has been kept since 1882, and is currently managed by English Heritage on behalf of the Department of Culture, Media and Sport. A scheduled monument, therefore, has priority over other forms of land use, and is protected from disturbance or unlicensed metal detecting.

There are currently about 18300 entries on the schedule nationally, 478 of which are in the Lincolnshire County Council area. The varieties of types of monuments which are scheduled are wide, and are not always visible above ground, or ancient. They range from prehistoric settlements to medieval crosses to early nineteenth-century cast iron footbridges.

To find out more about scheduled monuments in Lincolnshire, contact the Historic Environment Record.

Decisions on national importance are guided by criteria laid down by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, covering the basic characteristics of monuments.  They are:

  • extent of survival
  • current condition
  • rarity
  • representivity, either through diversity or because of one important attribute
  • importance of the period to which the monument dates
  • fragility
  • connection to other monuments, or group value
  • potential to contribute to our information, understanding and appreciation
  • extent of documentation enhancing the monument's significance

Information on archaeological sites or ancient monuments in Lincolnshire is available from the Historic Environment Record. The HER is available to the public by appointment from Monday to Friday during office hours at our offices in Lincoln. To arrange an appointment to visit the HER please contact the HER staff by letter, telephone, fax or e-mail using the contact addresses given below. Directions to our offices can be provided on request when you make an appointment.


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Last updated: 7 December 2017

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