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Council Services:

Tree Management

The County Council is responsible for the management of highway trees and other trees on land in its ownership.

Tree Preservation Orders

District Councils can place Tree Preservation Orders on individual and groups of trees to ensure their protection. Trees within Conservation Areas are automatically protected and work on these trees requires permission from the relevant District Council, as on trees covered by Tree Preservation Orders.

Dangerous Trees

Dangerous trees affecting the highway and trees within the highway (roads and verges) are the responsibility of the County Council as Highway Authority. Notification of dangerous trees should be made to the Customer Services Centre (see details below) or you can report the issue online. To report an obstruction in the highway outside of normal office hours please contact Lincolnshire Police on 01522 532222.


  • For telephone enquiries our opening hours are 8am-6pm Mon to Fri (except bank holidays)

    To process any email please include your name, title, and preferred method of contact.

    Lincolnshire Police 01522 532222 or 0300 111 0300.

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Last updated: 7 December 2017

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